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2022 Circular economy in Germany: A methodology to assess the circular economy performance of NUTS3 regionsKruse, Mirko; Wedemeier, Jan
2021 The role of COVID-19 in spatial reorganization: Some evidence from GermanyEhlert, Andree; Wedemeier, Jan; Zahlmann, Tabea
2021 Cost structure of bio-based plastics: A Monte-Carlo-analysis for PLAWellenreuther, Claudia; Wolf, André; Zander, Nils
2021 On the right track? The role of work experience in migrant mothers' current employment probabilityBoll, Christina; Lagemann, Andreas
2021 Ein Baltendeutscher bei den Preußen des Balkans: Oskar Anderson und das Sofioter Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (SWIFO)Kolev, Stefan
2020 Market dynamics of biodegradable bio-based plastics: Projections and linkages to European policiesDöhler, Niklas; Wellenreuther, Claudia; Wolf, André
2020 Demographic change in Switzerland: Impacts on economic growth in an Overlapping Generations ModelHauser, Luisa-Marie; Schlag, Carsten-Henning; Wolf, André
2020 Innovative feedstocks in biodegradable bio-based plastics: A literature reviewWellenreuther, Claudia; Wolf, André
2020 Combined transport in Europe: Scenario-based projections of emission saving potentialsJahn, Malte; Schumacher, Paul; Wedemeier, Jan; Wolf, André
2019 Impact of welfare sanctions on employment and benefit receipt: Considering top-up benefits and indirect sanctionsHohenleitner, Ingrid; Hillmann, Katja
2019 Impact of welfare sanctions on the quality of subsequent employment: Wages, incomes, and employment stabilityHohenleitner, Ingrid; Hillmann, Katja
2018 Does Culture Trump Money? Erwerbsverhalten und Kitanutzung von Müttern mit und ohne Migrationshintergrund in DeutschlandBoll, Christina; Lagemann, Andreas
2018 Patterns of overeducation in Europe: The role of field of studyBoll, Christina; Rossen, Anja; Wolf, André
2018 Does culture trump money? Employment and childcare use of migrant and non-migrant mothers of pre-school children in GermanyBoll, Christina; Lagemann, Andreas
2018 Interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit im Verbundprojekt: Herausforderungen und kritische Faktoren einer erfolgreichen ForschungskooperationRöhlig, Andreas
2018 The gender pay gap in the public and private sector in Germany - magnitude, evolution 2010-2014 and main driversBoll, Christina; Lagemann, Andreas
2018 Photovoltaic self-consumption after the support period: Will it pay off in a cross-sector perspective?Klamka, Jonas; Wolf, André; Ehrlich, Lars G.
2018 Artificial neural network regression models: Predicting GDP growthJahn, Malte
2018 What drives nickel prices: A structural VAR approachEhrlich, Lars G.
2017 The gender lifetime earnings gap: Exploring gendered pay from the life course perspectiveBoll, Christina; Jahn, Malte; Lagemann, Andreas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 195
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