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2023 Turning no tides: Union effects on partisan preferences and the working-class metamorphosisHadziabdic, Sinisa
2023 Top wealth and its historical origins: An analysis of Germany's largest privately held fortunes in 2019Tisch, Daria; Ischinsky, Emma
2023 Paradigm shifts in macrosociologyMayntz, Renate
2022 The rise and fall of social housing? Housing decommodification in long-run perspectiveKholodilin, Konstantin A.; Kohl, Sebastian; Müller, Florian
2022 No strings attached: Corporate welfare, state intervention, and the issue of conditionalityBulfone, Fabio; Ergen, Timur; Kalaitzake, Manolis
2022 The instability of preferences: Uncertain futures and the incommensurable and intersubjective nature of value(s)Bronk, Richard; Beckert, Jens
2022 Operationalizing growth modelsBaccaro, Lucio; Hadziabdic, Sinisa
2022 Signaling virtue or vulnerability? The changing impact of exchange rate regimes on government bond yieldsBarta, Zsófia; Baccaro, Lucio; Johnston, Alison
2022 Verkaufte Zukunft: Dilemmata des globalen Kapitalismus in der KlimakriseBeckert, Jens
2022 Das deutsche Wachstumsmodell, 1991-2019Höpner, Martin; Baccaro, Lucio
2022 From media-party linkages to ownership concentration causes of cross-national variation in media outlets' economic positioningNeimanns, Erik; Blossey, Nils
2022 Private insurance, public welfare, and financial markets: Alpine and Maritime countries in comparative-historical perspectivevan der Heide, Arjen; Kohl, Sebastian
2021 Proportionality and Karlsruhe's ultra vires verdict: Ways out of constitutional pluralism?Höpner, Martin
2021 Von der Pandemie zu einer Neuordnung der Zeit? Zeitsoziologische Perspektiven auf das Verhältnis von Zeitlichkeit, Wirtschaft und StaatSuckert, Lisa
2021 Firm foundations: The statistical footprint of multinational corporations as a problem for political economyErgen, Timur; Kohl, Sebastian; Braun, Benjamin
2021 The organizational roots of market design failure structural abstraction, the limits of hierarchy, and the California energy crisis of 2000/01Rilinger, Georg
2021 Determinants of wage (dis-)satisfaction: Trade exposure, export-led growth, and the irrelevance of bargaining structureBaccaro, Lucio; Neimanns, Erik
2021 The constrained politics of local public investments under cooperative federalismBremer, Björn; Di Carlo, Donato; Wansleben, Leon
2021 Dürfen europäische Gesetze Grundfreiheiten einschränken?Höpner, Martin; Haas, Christine
2020 Transcending history's heavy hand: The future in economic actionBeckert, Jens; Ergen, Timur
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 382
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