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2020 Who are these bond vigilantes anyway? The political economy of sovereign debt ownership in the eurozoneArbogast, Tobias
2020 Causal mechanism and explanation in social scienceMayntz, Renate
2020 Housing and voting in Germany: Multi-level evidence for the association between house prices and housing tenure and party outcomes, 1980-2017Beckmann, Paul; Fulda, Barbara; Kohl, Sebastian
2020 Ownership in the electricity market: Property, the firm, and the climate crisisFerguson-Cradler, Gregory
2020 Has the "external constraint" contributed to Italy's stagnation? A critical event analysisBaccaro, Lucio; D'Antoni, Massimo
2020 Toward a discursive approach to growth models: Social blocs in the politics of digital transformationRothstein, Sidney A.
2020 Is the euro up for grabs? Evidence from a survey experimentBaccaro, Lucio; Bremer, Björn; Neimanns, Erik
2020 Normative social influence on meat consumptionEinhorn, Laura
2020 Not all firms are created equal: SMEs and vocational training in the UK, Italy, and GermanyBenassi, Chiara; Durazzi, Niccolo; Fortwengel, Johann
2020 Transcending history's heavy hand: The future in economic actionBeckert, Jens; Ergen, Timur
2020 Scaling up alternatives to capitalism: A social movement approach to alternative organizing (in) the economySchiller-Merkens, Simone
2019 An overview of German new economic sociology and the contribution of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of SocietiesWilkinson, John
2019 Competing with whom? European tax competition, the "great fragmentation of the firm," and varieties of FDI attraction profilesGarcia-Bernardo, Javier; Reurink, Arjan
2019 Innovation and precarity: Workplace discourse in twenty-first century capitalismRothstein, Sidney A.
2019 Changing perspectives in political economyMayntz, Renate
2019 Is there a motherhood penalty in academia? The gendered effect of children on academic publicationsLutter, Mark; Schröder, Martin
2019 Der Brexit und die ökonomische Identität Großbritanniens: Zwischen globalem Freihandel und ökonomischem NationalismusSuckert, Lisa
2019 The German undervaluation regime under Bretton Woods: How Germany became the nightmare of the world economyHöpner, Martin
2019 A politics of hope: The making of Brazil's post-neoliberal new middle classKopper, Moisés
2019 Strong firms, weak banks: The financial consequences of Germany's export-led growth modelBraun, Benjamin; Deeg, Richard
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 359
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