Discussion Papers, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 "Mediated truth"Strulovici, Bruno
2016 "A universal bound on probabilistic influence"Strulovici, Bruno
2015 "Challenging conformity: A case for diversity"Kets, Willemien; Sandroni, Alvaro
2015 On the design of criminal trials: The benefits of a three-verdict systemSiegel, Ron; Strulovici, Bruno
2015 On the existence of monotone pure-strategy perfect Bayesian equilibrium in games with complementaritiesMensch, Jeffrey
2015 Private politics and public regulationEgorov, Georgy; Harstad, Bård
2015 Monotone persuasionMensch, Jeffrey
2015 "When do types induce the same belief hierarchy?"Perea, Andrés; Kets, Willemien
2015 Anticipations and endogenous present biasGalperti, Simone; Strulovici, Bruno
2014 Explicit renegotiation in repeated gamesSafronov, Mikhail; Strulovici, Bruno
2014 Platform pricing under dispersed informationJullien, Bruno; Pavan, Alessandro
2014 Differential taxation and occupational choiceGomes, Renato; Lozachmeur, Jean-Marie; Pavan, Alessandro
2014 Dynamic managerial compensation: On the optimality of seniority-based schemesGarrett, Daniel; Pavan, Alessandro
2014 Attention, coordination and bounded recallPavan, Alessandro
2014 Many-to-many matching and price discriminationGomes, Renato; Pavan, Alessandro
2013 Privacy in implementationGradwohl, Ronen
2013 Finite depth of reasoning and equilibrium play in games with incomplete informationKets, Willemien
2013 Tractable falsifiabilityGradwohl, Ronen; Shmaya, Eran
2013 The Roman metro problem: Dynamic voting and the limited power of commitmentRoessler, Christian; Shelegia, Sandro; Strulovici, Bruno
2013 The logical consistency of time inconsistency: A theory of forward-looking behaviorGalperti, Simone; Strulovici, Bruno
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 212