FEEM Working Papers, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei

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2018 Some Financial Implications of Global Warming: an Empirical AssessmentMorana, Claudio; Sbrana, Giacomo
2018 The Strength of Weak Leaders - An Experiment on Social Influence and Social Learning in TeamsBüchel, Berno; Klößner, Stefan; Lochmüller, Martin; Rauhut, Heiko
2018 Threshold Policy Effects and Directed Technical Change in Energy InnovationNesta, Lionel; Verdolini, Elena; Vona, Francesco
2018 Internal and External Barriers to Energy Efficiency: Made-to-Measure Policy InterventionsCattaneo, Cristina
2018 It’s So Hot in Here: Information Avoidance, Moral Wiggle Room, and High Air Conditioning Usaged’Adda, Giovanna; Gao, Yu; Golman, Russell; Tavoni, Massimo
2018 A Variational Approach to Network GamesMelo, Emerson
2018 The Changing Role of Natural Gas in Nigeria: A policy outlook for energy security and sustainable developmentOcchiali, Giovanni; Falchetta, Giacomo
2018 Interpreting the Oil Risk Premium: do Oil Price Shocks Matter?Valenti, Daniele; Manera, Matteo; Sbuelz, Alessandro
2018 Modelling the Global Price of Oil: Is there any Role for the Oil Futures-spot Spread?Valenti, Daniele
2018 The Response of European Energy Prices to ECB Monetary PolicyTorró, Hipòlit
2017 A Novel Approach to Estimating the Demand Value of Road SafetyRheinberger, Christoph M.; Schläpfer, Felix; Lobsiger, Michael
2017 Sensitivity of Modeling Results to Technological and Regional Details: The Case of Italy’s Carbon Mitigation PolicyStandardi, Gabriele; Cai, Yiyong; Yeh, Sonia
2017 How Do Regional Interactions in Space Affect China’s Mitigation Targets and Economic Development?Lu, Wang; Yu, Hao; Yi-Ming, Wei
2017 Export Tariffs Combined with Public Investments as a Forest Conservation Policy InstrumentSchwerhoff, Gregor; Wehkamp, Johanna
2017 Optimal Clean Energy R&D Investments Under UncertaintyMarangoni, Giacomo; De Maere, Gauthier; Bosetti, Valentina
2017 The French Nuclear BetPerrier, Quentin
2017 Urban Distribution Centres and Competition among Logistics Providers: a Hotelling ApproachCrotti, Daniele; Maggi, Elena
2017 What Factors Affect the Competiveness of Power Generation Sector in China? An Analysis Based on Game Cross-efficiencyXie, Bai-Chen; Gao, Jie; Zhang, Shuang; Zhang, ZhongXiang
2017 A Simple Framework for Climate-Change Policy under Model UncertaintyAthanasoglou, Stergios; Bosetti, Valentina; Drouet, Laurent
2017 System Integration of Wind and Solar Power in Integrated Assessment Models: a Cross-model Evaluation of New ApproachesPietzcker, Robert C.; Ueckerdt, Falko; Carrara, Samuel; de Boer, Harmen Sytze; Després, Jacques; Fujimori, Shinichiro; Johnson, Nils; Kitous, Alban; Scholz, Yvonne; Sullivan, Patrick; Luderer, Gunnar
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2384
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