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2023Towards a Modelling Process for Simulating Socio-ecosystems with a Focus on Climate Change AdaptationCornacchia, Federico; Martínez-Hernández, Alberto Gabino; Bidoia, Marco; Giupponi, Carlo
2023The connectedness of Energy Transition MetalsBastianin, Andrea; Casoli, Chiara; Galeotti, Marzio
2023Carbon neutral lifestyles and NDCs: advice and policy perspectivesCavalli, Laura; Boeri, Chiara
2023Dynamic Regulation of Public Franchises with Imperfectly Correlated Demand ShocksBuso, Marco; Dosi, Cesare; Moretto, Michele
2023Social Sustainability in European Banks: A Machine Learning Approach using Interval- Based Composite IndicatorsDrago, Carlo; Nallo, Loris Di; Russotto, Maria Lucetta
2023Investigating the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Relationship: A Bibliometric Analysis Using Keyword-Ensemble Community DetectionDrago, Carlo; Fortuna, Fabio
2023Warming the MATRIX: a Climate Assessment under Uncertainty and HeterogeneityBazzana, Davide; Rizzati, Massimiliano; Ciola, Emanuele; Turco, Enrico; Vergalli, Sergio
2023Shop Until You Drop: the Unexpected Effects of Anticonsumerism and EnvironmentalismMaccarrone, Giovanni; Marini, Marco A.; Tarola, Ornella
2023Water challenges in socio-ecological systems: is human decision-making accounted for in the analysis of climate change adaptation options?Zanini, Sara Floriana
2023Is Climate Transition Risk Priced into Corporate Credit Risk? Evidence from Credit Default SwapsUgolini, Andrea; Reboredo, Juan C.; Ojea-Ferreiro, Javier
2023When Crime Tears Communities Apart: Social Capital and Organised CrimeCalamunci, Francesca Maria; Frattini, Federico Fabio
2023Neutralizing the Tentacles of Organized Crime. Assessment of the Impact of an Anti-Crime Measure on Mafia Violence in ItalyBaraldi, Anna Laura; Papagni, Erasmo; Stimolo, Marco
2023Does P2P Trading Favor Investments in PV-Battery Systems?Andreolli, Francesca; D'Alpaos, Chiara; Kort, Peter
2023Extended producer responsibility and trade flows in waste: The case of batteriesCompagnoni, Marco; Grazzi, Marco; Pieri, Fabio; Tomasi, Chiara
2023Is the Price Cap for Gas Useful? Evidence from European CountriesRavazzolo, Francesco; Rossini, Luca
2023Italy's National Recovery and Resilient Plan: Will it Narrow the North-South Productivity Gap?Mauro, Luciano; Pigliaru, Francesco
2023Skills and human capital for the low-carbon transition in developing and emerging economiesVona, Francesco
2023A Comparison between Sustainability Frameworks: an Integrated Reading through ESG Criteria for Business Strategies and Enterprise Risk ManagementCasciotti, Paola
2023RICE-MED, an integrated assessment model for the Mediterranean basin: assessing the climate-economy-agriculture nexusCastelli, Chiara; Castellini, Marta; Gusperti, Camilla; Lupi, Veronica; Vergalli, Sergio
2023Do Hospital Mergers Reduce Waiting Times? Theory and Evidence from the English NHSCirulli, Vanessa; Marini, Giorgia; Marini, Marco A.; Straume, Odd Rune
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2576
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