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2017 Analysis of Public Subsidies to the Solar Energy Sector: Corruption and the Role of InstitutionsMoliterni, Fabio
2017 Interval Based Composite IndicatorsDrago, Carlo
2017 Sustainability-oriented Business Model Innovation: Context and DriversMoliterni, Fabio
2017 Burden of Climate Change on Malaria MortalityDasgupta, Shouro
2017 Actors, Decision-making, and Institutions in Quantitative System ModellingDe Cian, Enrica; Dasgupta, Shouro; Hof, Andries F.; van Sluisveld, Mariësse A. E.; Köhler, Jonathan Hugh; Pfluger, Benjamin; van Vuuren, Detlef P.
2017 The Effect of Increased Transmission and Storage in an Interconnected Europe: an Application to France and IrelandDi Cosmo, Valeria; Collins, Sean; Deane, Paul
2017 Farsighted Stability with Heterogeneous ExpectationsBloch, Francis; van den Nouweland, Anne
2017 To Go or not to Go: Migration Alleviates Climate Damages even for Those Who Stay BehindShayegh, Soheil; Casey, Greg P.
2017 Simulated vs. Empirical Weather Responsiveness of Crop Yields: U.S. Evidence and Implications for the Agricultural Impacts of Climate ChangeMistry, Malcolm N.; Wing, Ian Sue; De Cian, Enrica
2017 Calling for Nexus Thinking in Africa’s Energy Planningde Strasser, Lucia
2017 Ready for a Carbon Tax? An Explorative Analysis of University Students’ PreferencesRotaris, Lucia
2017 Matching with Myopic and Farsighted PlayersHerings, P. Jean-Jacques; Mauleon, Ana; Vannetelbosch, Vincent
2017 Do Temperature Thresholds Threaten American Farmland?Massetti, Emanuele; Mendelsohn, Robert
2017 The Impact of Energy Prices on Employment and Environmental Performance: Evidence from French Manufacturing EstablishmentsMarin, Giovanni; Vona, Francesco
2017 Social Interaction and Technology Adoption: Experimental Evidence from Improved Cookstoves in MaliBonan, Jacopo; Battiston, Pietro; Bleck, Jaimie; LeMay-Boucher, Philippe; Pareglio, Stefano; Sarr, Bassirou; Tavoni, Massimo
2017 Tragedy of the Commons and Evolutionary Games in Social Networks: The Economics of Social PunishmentMarco, Jorge; Goetz, Renan
2017 The Role of Carbon Capture and Storage Electricity in Attaining 1.5 and 2°CVinca, Adriano; Rottoli, Marianna; Marangoni, Giacomo; Tavoni, Massimo
2017 Can the Global Forest Sector Survive 11°C Warming?Favero, Alice; Mendelsohn, Robert; Sohngen, Brent
2017 Extending the Public Sector in the ICES Model with an Explicit Government InstitutionDelpiazzo, Elisa; Parrado, Ramiro; Standardi, Gabriele
2017 The Social Contract in the MENA Region and the Energy Sector ReformsBrzuszkiewicz, Sara
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 2384
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