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Hoffmann, Esther
Ankele, Kathrin
Ziegler, Andreas
Rennings, Klaus
Nill, Jan
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ZEW Discussion Papers 03-14
This paper investigates the effects of the EU Environmental Management and Auditing Scheme (EMAS) on environmental innovations and competitiveness in German facilities. It comprises twelve in-depth case studies and telephone interviews with 1277 EMAS-validated facilities. The surveys show a positive influence of EMAS on environmental organisational, process and product innovations. Moreover, the environmental report supports the diffusion of environmental innovations. The econometric analysis with binary probit models shows a significant positive impact of the maturity of environmental management systems on environmental innovations. Another determinant of environmental innovations is the strong participation of specific departments in further development of EMAS, especially of the R&D department. An effect of strategic importance of EMAS on market success could not be confirmed. Facilities with high learning processes by environmental management systems however have a significantly better performance concerning turnover and exports.
Environmental management systems
environmental innovation
technological progress
cleaner production
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Working Paper

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