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2023Diversify or not? The link between global sourcing of ICT goods and firm performanceSchiersch, Alexander; Bertschek, Irene; Niebel, Thomas
2023Mobilizing credit for clean energy: De-risking and public loan provision under learning spilloversWaidelich, Paul; Krug, Joscha; Steffen, Bjarne
2023Mapping employee mobility and employer networks using professional network dataBreithaupt, Patrick; Hottenrott, Hanna; Rammer, Christian; Römer, Konstantin
2023Committing to grow: Privatizations and firm dynamics in East GermanyAkcigit, Ufuk; Alp, Harun; Diegmann, André; Serrano-Velarde, Nicolas
2023The value of a loss: The impact of restricting tax loss transfersBührle, Anna Theresa; Casi-Eberhard, Elisa; Stage, Barbara; Voget, Johannes
2023The benefits of auctioneer competition: Merging auctions and adding auctioneersHeczko, Alexander; Kittsteiner, Thomas; Ott, Marion
2023Strategic management in public procurement: The role of dynamic capabilities in equity and efficiencyCappelletti, Matilde; Giuffrida, Leonardo M.; Heaton, Sohvi; Siegel, Donald S.
2023Local labor markets as a taxable location factor? Evidence from a shock to foreign labor supplyNover, Justus
2023Pandemic effects: Do innovation activities of firms suffer from long-Covid?Trunschke, Markus; Peters, Bettina; Czarnitzki, Dirk; Rammer, Christian
2023Investor responses to information updates on peer behavior and public investment policy: The case of green investmentsAlt, Marius; Berger, Marius; Bersch, Johannes
2023Do refugees impact crime? Causal evidence from large-scale refugee immigration to GermanyLange, Martin; Sommerfeld, Katrin
2023Getting the Right Tail Right: Modeling tails of health expenditure distributionsKarlsson, Martin; Wang, Yulong; Ziebarth, Nicolas R.
2023Too much "skin in the game" ruins the game: Evidence from managerial capital gains taxesBührle, Anna Theresa; Yen, Chia-Yi
2023Trade shocks and social mobility: The intergenerational effect of import competition in BrazilCésar, Andrés; Ciaschi, Matías; Falcone, Guillermo; Neidhöfer, Guido
2023Early patent disclosure and R&D investment in family firmsHussinger, Katrin; Issah, Wunnam
2023Information asymmetry and search intensityAtayev, Atabek
2023Intended and unintended knowledge spillovers in innovationKraft, Kornelius; Rammer, Christian
2023From corporate tax competition to global cooperation? Trends, prospects and effects on German family businessesBührle, Anna Theresa; Nicolay, Katharina; Spengel, Christoph; Wickel, Sophia
2023The SearchEngine: A holistic approach to matchingDoherr, Thorsten
2023Welcome on board? Appointment dynamics of women as directorsSchoonjans, Eline; Hottenrott, Hanna; Buchwald, Achim
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2436
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