ZEW Discussion Papers, ZEW - Leibniz-Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung

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2020 Short-term impacts of carbon offsetting on emissions trading schemes: Empirical insights from the EU experienceGavard, Claire; Kirat, Djamel
2020 Exporting costs and multi-product shipmentsGomtsyan, David; Tarasov, Alexander
2020 Klimapolitik zwischen Markt, Deliberation und Hegemonie: Der Emissionshandel und das PolitischeFrick, Marc; Huwe, Vera
2020 Breaking borders? The European Court of Justice and internal marketSpengel, Christoph; Fischer, Leonie; Stutzenberger, Kathrin
2020 Long-term effects of the Paraguayan War (1864 - 1870): From male scarcity to intimate partner violenceBoggiano, Barbara
2020 Social capital and the spread of Covid-19: Insights from European countriesBartscher, Alina Kristin; Seitz, Sebastian; Slotwinski, Michaela; Wehrhöfer, Nils; Siegloch, Sebastian
2020 The welfare effects of persuasion and taxation: Theory and evidence from the fieldRodemeier, Matthias; Löschel, Andreas
2020 Incumbency and expectations of fiscal rule compliance: Evidence from surveys of German policy makersHeinemann, Friedrich; Janeba, Eckhard; Todtenhaupt, Maximilian
2020 Gender norms and income misreporting within householdsRoth, Anja; Slotwinski, Michaela
2020 The digital layer: How innovative firms relate on the webKrüger, Miriam; Kinne, Jan; Lenz, David; Resch, Bernd
2020 Mitigating the tradeoff between proportionality and accountability in electoral systems: Evidence from the Italian senate 1994-2006Alpino, Matteo
2020 Cost-efficient transition to clean energy transportation servicesComello, Stephen; Glenk, Gunther; Reichelstein, Stefan
2020 Climate policies under dynamic international economic cycles: A heterogeneous countries DSGE modelXiao, Bowen; Guo, Xiaodan; Fan, Ying; Voigt, Sebastian; Cui, Lianbiao
2020 When nudges fail to scale: Field experimental evidence from goal setting on mobile phonesLöschel, Andreas; Rodemeier, Matthias; Werthschulte, Madeline
2020 Capital incentive policies in the age of cloud computing: An empirical case studyAndres, Raphaela; DeStefano, Timothy; Niebel, Thomas; Viete, Steffen
2020 The impact of carbon disclosure mandates on emissions and financial operating performanceDownar, Benedikt; Ernstberger, Jürgen; Reichelstein, Stefan; Schwenen, Sebastian; Zaklan, Aleksandar
2020 Complementary bidding and the collusive arrangement: Evidence from an antitrust investigationClark, Robert; Coviello, Decio; de Leverano, Adriano
2020 Local knowledge spillovers and innovation persistence of firmsHoll, Adelheid; Peters, Bettina; Rammer, Christian
2020 R&D investment under financing constraintsGiebel, Marek; Kraft, Kornelius
2020 On event studies and distributed-lags in two-way fixed effects models: Identification, equivalence, and generalizationSchmidheiny, Kurt; Siegloch, Sebastian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2211
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