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Pielsticker, David I.
Hiebl, Martin R.W.
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[Journal:] European Management Review [ISSN:] 1740-4762 [Volume:] 17 [Issue:] 1 [Pages:] 327-346
Although family business survey research is growing in volume and publication in highly regarded management journals, we do not yet have evidence on the usual response rates in this research and on the factors that impact these response rates. This paper addresses these voids and finds that the average response rates of family business survey studies published in seven prominent outlets amount to 21%. We also find that the response rates have declined significantly over time and that the size of the survey population and the establishment of contacts with survey addressees before sending out questionnaires are significantly associated with response rates. Such precontacts and reminders seem less fruitful for family respondents than for non‐family respondents.
family business
family firm
response rate
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