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2023Embedded in context: How time and distance affect the convergence of personnel selection practicesBiemann, Torsten; Mayrhofer, Wolfgang; Koch‐Bayram, Irmela
2023Balancing inclusion and exclusion among Somali migrants in GermanyHoehne, Markus Virgil; Scharrer, Tabea
2022High price premiums as barriers to organic meat demand? A hedonic analysis considering species, cut and retail outletStaudigel, Matthias; Trubnikov, Aleksej
2022A transdisciplinary review and framework of consumer interactions with embodied social robots: Design, delegate, and deployBlaurock, Marah; Čaić, Martina; Okan, Mehmet; Henkel, Alexander P.
2022Structural Transformation of Occupation EmploymentDuernecker, Georg; Herrendorf, Berthold
2022Information Provision and Postgraduate StudiesBerkes, Jan; Peter, Frauke; Spiess, C. Katharina; Weinhardt, Felix
2022Signalling in Initial Coin Offerings: The Key Role of Entrepreneurs’ Self‐efficacy and Media PresenceCzaja, Daniel; Röder, Florian
2022Endogeneity in pharmaceutical knowledge generation: An instrument‐free copula approach for Poisson frontier modelsHaschka, Rouven E.; Herwartz, Helmut
2022The UN High‐Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development: An orchestrator, more or less?Beisheim, Marianne; Fritzsche, Felicitas
2022US anti‐suit injunctions and German anti‐anti‐suit injunctions in SEP disputesHess, Felix K.
2022Orchestrating coordination among humanitarian organizationsRuesch, Lea; Tarakci, Murat; Besiou, Maria; Van Quaquebeke, Niels
2022Can prohibitions of non‐audit services and an expanded auditor liability improve audit quality?Quick, Reiner
2022The Global Wealth Chains of Private‐Equity‐Run Physician PracticesBůžek, Richard; Scheuplein, Christoph
2022How higher‐order personal values affect the purchase of electricity storage—Evidence from the German photovoltaic marketPoier, Stefan; Nikodemska‐Wołowik, Anna Maria; Suchanek, Michał
2022Researcher effects in survey‐based research: Insights from research in South SudanTomiak, Kerstin
2022Raising Awareness About the Risk of Irregular Migration: Quasi‐Experimental Evidence from GuineaTjaden, Jasper; Gninafon, Horace
2022Corporate social and financial performance: Revisiting the role of innovationBusch, Timo; Schnippering, Maximilian
2022Paying for the view? How nursing home prices affect certified staffing ratiosHeger, Dörte; Herr, Annika; Mensen, Anne
2022Beyond rich and poor: Identifying global development constellationsHackenesch, Christine; Koch, Svea; Ziaja, Sebastian
2022Equal pay behind the “Glass Door”? The gender gap in upper management in a male‐dominated industryKräft, Charlotte
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 733