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2022 Family changes and the willingness to take risksBrowne, Mark J.; Jäger, Verena; Richter, Andreas; Steinorth, Petra
2022 The impact of CEO power and institutional discretion on CSR investmentBreuer, Wolfgang; Hass, Manuel; Rosenbach, David Johannes
2022 Signalling in Initial Coin Offerings: The Key Role of Entrepreneurs’ Self‐efficacy and Media PresenceCzaja, Daniel; Röder, Florian
2022 What is the influence of government programs on farmer organizations and their impacts? Evidence from ZambiaMinah, Margitta
2022 How to regulate algorithmic decision‐making: A framework of regulatory requirements for different applicationsKrafft, Tobias D.; Zweig, Katharina A.; König, Pascal D.
2022 Trade unions and corporate social responsibilityGoerke, Laszlo
2022 Platform ecosystems as meta‐organizations: Implications for platform strategiesKretschmer, Tobias; Leiponen, Aija; Schilling, Melissa; Vasudeva, Gurneeta
2022 Investor horizons and corporate policies under uncertaintyDreyer, Christian; Schulz, Oliver
2022 Researching for Desirable Futures: From Real Utopias to Imagining AlternativesGümüsay, Ali Aslan; Reinecke, Juliane
2022 The More the Merrier? Diversity and Private Equity PerformanceHammer, Benjamin; Pettkus, Silke; Schweizer, Denis; Wünsche, Norbert
2022 Task specialization and the Native‐Foreign Wage GapStorm, Eduard
2022 Corporate social and financial performance: Revisiting the role of innovationBusch, Timo; Schnippering, Maximilian
2022 Historical evidence for larger government spending multipliers in uncertain times than in slumpsGoemans, Pascal
2022 Using the innovative to improve the established: The employment of social networking sites as recruitment tools in migrant surveysPötzschke, Steffen
2022 Political equality and quality of governmentEzcurra, Roberto; Zuazu, Izaskun
2022 The social profitability of rural roads in a small open economy: Do urban agglomeration economies matter?Bell, Clive
2022 Salience and Timely Compliance: Evidence from Speeding TicketsDušek, Libor; Pardo, Nicolas; Traxler, Christian
2022 Interbank market and funding liquidity risk in a stock‐flow consistent modelReale, Jessica
2022 Beyond the gimmick: How affective responses drive brand attitudes and intentions in augmented reality marketingZanger, Vera; Meißner, Martin; Rauschnabel, Philipp A.
2022 A century of Public Administration: Traveling through time and topicsVogel, Rick; Hattke, Fabian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 664