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2020 Does low‐pay persist across different regimes? Evidence from German UnificationGürtzgen, Nicole; Diegmann (né Nolte), André
2020 Identifying business opportunities for sustainable development: Longitudinal and experimental evidence contributing to the field of sustainable entrepreneurshipEller, Fokko J.; Gielnik, Michael M.; Wimmer, Hendrik; Thölke, Corinna; Holzapfel, Sara; Tegtmeier, Silke; Halberstadt, Jantje
2020 The trade facilitation impact of the Chinese diasporaMartínez‐Zarzoso, Inmaculada; Rudolf, Robert
2020 Drivers of Government Activity in European Countries: Do Partisan Politics Still Divide East and West?Beckmann, Joscha; Schweickert, Rainer; Ahlborn, Markus; Melnykovska, Inna
2020 What drives the short‐term fluctuations of banks' exposure to interest rate risk?Memmel, Christoph
2020 Two are better than one: Volatility forecasting using multiplicative component GARCH‐MIDAS modelsConrad, Christian; Kleen, Onno
2020 Financial contracts as coordination deviceLe Coq, Chloé; Schwenen, Sebastian
2020 Implications of China's innovation policy shift: Does “indigenous” mean closed?Losacker, Sebastian; Liefner, Ingo
2020 The architecture of organizations as missed opportunity in political researchDöhler, Marian
2020 A hidden champion? The European Court of Justice as an agenda‐setter in the case of posted workersLubow, Alexis; Schmidt, Susanne K.
2020 Between adoption and rejection: attitudes of adult educators toward digitization in GermanyRohs, Matthias; Bolten, Ricarda; Kohl, Jonathan
2020 Determinants of idea sharing in crowdsourcing: evidence from the automotive industrySchäper, Thomas; Foege, J. Nils; Nüesch, Stephan; Schäfer, Sebastian
2020 Hierarchical Models for the Analysis of Likert Scales in Regression and Item Response AnalysisTutz, Gerhard
2020 The relationship between cognitive ability and personality scores in selection situations: A meta‐analysisSchilling, Michael; Becker, Nicolas; Grabenhorst, Magdalena M.; König, Cornelius J.
2020 A meta‐analysis of change in applicants' perceptions of fairnessKonradt, Udo; Oldeweme, Martina; Krys, Sabrina; Otte, Kai‐Philip
2020 Examining the causal mediating role of brain pathology on the relationship between diabetes and cognitive impairment: the Cardiovascular Health StudyAndrews, Ryan M.; Shpitser, Ilya; Lopez, Oscar; Longstreth, William T.; Chaves, Paulo H. M.; Kuller, Lewis; Carlson, Michelle C.
2020 Population, light, and the size distribution of citiesDüben, Christian; Krause, Melanie
2020 Modularity in making: simplifying solution space for user innovationNaik, Hari Suman; Fritzsche, Albrecht; Moeslein, Kathrin M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 291