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2021 The influence of external reference price strategies in a nonprofit arts organization's “pay‐what‐you‐want” settingGross, Hellen P.; Rottler, Maren; Wallmeier, Franziska
2020 Does low‐pay persist across different regimes? Evidence from German UnificationGürtzgen, Nicole; Diegmann (né Nolte), André
2020 Identifying business opportunities for sustainable development: Longitudinal and experimental evidence contributing to the field of sustainable entrepreneurshipEller, Fokko J.; Gielnik, Michael M.; Wimmer, Hendrik; Thölke, Corinna; Holzapfel, Sara; Tegtmeier, Silke; Halberstadt, Jantje
2020 The trade facilitation impact of the Chinese diasporaMartínez‐Zarzoso, Inmaculada; Rudolf, Robert
2020 What drives the short‐term fluctuations of banks' exposure to interest rate risk?Memmel, Christoph
2020 Two are better than one: Volatility forecasting using multiplicative component GARCH‐MIDAS modelsConrad, Christian; Kleen, Onno
2020 Financial contracts as coordination deviceLe Coq, Chloé; Schwenen, Sebastian
2020 Implications of China's innovation policy shift: Does “indigenous” mean closed?Losacker, Sebastian; Liefner, Ingo
2020 Between adoption and rejection: attitudes of adult educators toward digitization in GermanyRohs, Matthias; Bolten, Ricarda; Kohl, Jonathan
2020 A meta‐analysis of change in applicants' perceptions of fairnessKonradt, Udo; Oldeweme, Martina; Krys, Sabrina; Otte, Kai‐Philip
2020 Examining the causal mediating role of brain pathology on the relationship between diabetes and cognitive impairment: the Cardiovascular Health StudyAndrews, Ryan M.; Shpitser, Ilya; Lopez, Oscar; Longstreth, William T.; Chaves, Paulo H. M.; Kuller, Lewis; Carlson, Michelle C.
2020 Essential ingredients for radical innovations? The role of (un‐)related variety and external linkages in GermanyHesse, Kolja; Fornahl, Dirk
2020 A review of applicant faking in selection interviewsMelchers, Klaus G.; Roulin, Nicolas; Buehl, Anne‐Kathrin
2020 Robust estimation of stationary continuous‐time arma models via indirect inferenceFasen‐Hartmann, Vicky; Kimmig, Sebastian
2020 Economic development dimension of intellectual property as investment in international investment lawStepanov, Ivan
2020 The application of text mining methods in innovation research: current state, evolution patterns, and development prioritiesAntons, David; Grünwald, Eduard; Cichy, Patrick; Salge, Torsten Oliver
2020 Firm‐specific cluster effects: A meta‐analysisGrashof, Nils
2020 Is it enough to be willing to win or do you have to be smart? The relationship between competitive worldviews, cognitive abilities, and applicant faking in personality testsSchilling, Michael; Sparfeldt, Jörn R.; Becker, Nicolas; Engel, Marie; Levacher, Julie; Sebastian, Tilman F. P.; Schäfer, Juliane; Schwabe, Sarah; König, Cornelius J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 291