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Rose, Robert
Hölzle, Katharina
Björk, Jennie
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[Journal:] Creativity and Innovation Management [ISSN:] 1467-8691 [Volume:] 29 [Issue:] 1 [Pages:] 5-20
When this journal was founded in 1992 by Tudor Rickards and Susan Moger, there was no academic outlet available that addressed issues at the intersection of creativity and innovation. From zero to 1,163 records, from the new kid on the block to one of the leading journals in creativity and innovation management has been quite a journey, and we would like to reflect on the past 28 years and the intellectual and conceptual structure of Creativity and Innovation Management (CIM). Specifically, we highlight milestones and influential articles, identify how key journal characteristics evolved, outline the (co‐)authorship structure, and finally, map the thematic landscape of CIM by means of a text‐mining analysis. This study represents the first systematic and comprehensive assessment of the journal's published body of knowledge and helps to understand the journal's influence on the creativity and innovation management community. We conclude by discussing future topics and paths of the journal as well as limitations of our approach.
creativity and innovation management
science mapping
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