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2022 Social media, polarization and democracy: A multi-methods analysis of polarized users' interactions on Reddit's r/WallStreetBetsMassoc, Elsa; Lubda, Maximilian
2022 Artificial intelligence, ethics, and diffused pivotalityKlockmann, Victor; von Schenk, Alicia; Villeval, Marie-Claire
2022 Solidarity without conditionality: Comparing the EU Covid-19 safety nets SURE, pandemic Crisis Support, and European Guarantee FundLindner, Vincent
2022 Extreme inflation and time-varying expected consumption growthDergunov, Ilya; Meinerding, Christoph; Schlag, Christian
2022 Artificial intelligence, ethics, and intergenerational responsibilityKlockmann, Victor; von Schenk, Alicia; Villeval, Marie-Claire
2022 Fifty shades of hatred and discontent: Varieties of anti-finance discourses on the European Twitter (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK)Massoc, Elsa Clara
2022 Nachhaltigkeit und Wettbewerb: Zu einer Reform des Wettbewerbsrechts für die Erreichung von NachhaltigkeitszielenInderst, Roman; Thomas, Stefan
2022 Political science research on the reasons for the (non) adoption and (non) implementation of EMU reform proposals: The state of the artLindner, Vincent; Eckert, Sandra; Nölke, Andreas
2022 National interests and supranational resolution in the European Banking UnionTröger, Tobias; Kotovskaia, Anastasia
2022 The limits of joint-institutional frameworks for sectoral governance in EU-Swiss bilateral relations: Lessons for future relations with the UKEckert, Sandra
2022 Time inconsistency and overdraft use: Evidence from transaction data and behavioral measurement experimentsGill, Andrej; Hett, Florian; Tischer, Johannes
2022 Personality-augmented MPC: Linking survey and transaction data to explain MPC heterogeneity by Big Five personality traitsNemeczek, Fabian; Radermacher, Jan
2022 Sustainable finance: A journey toward ESG and climate riskBillio, Monica; Costola, Michele; Hristova, Iva; Latino, Carmelo; Pelizzon, Loriana
2022 Institutional protection schemes: What are their differences, strengths, weaknesses, and track records?Haselmann, Rainer; Krahnen, Jan Pieter; Tröger, Tobias; Wahrenburg, Mark
2022 Designing a rational sanctioning strategyAngeloni, Ignazio; Daase, Christopher; Deitelhoff, Nicole; Goldmann, Matthias; Krahnen, Jan Pieter; Kroll, Stefan; Luft, Carl-Georg Christoph; Nölke, Andreas; Peez, Anton; Pelizzon, Loriana
2022 Private companies: The missing link on the path to net zeroGözlügöl, Alperen A.; Ringe, Wolf-Georg
2022 Rescue policies for small businesses in the COVID-19 recessionDi Nola, Alessandro; Kaas, Leo; Wang, Haomin
2022 A corporate finance perspective on environmental policyHeider, Florian; Inderst, Roman
2022 Socially optimal sustainability standards with non-consequentialist ("warm glow") investorsInderst, Roman; Opp, Markus
2022 Frequent batch auctions and informed tradingEibelshäuser, Steffen; Smetak, Fabian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 532