PhD Series, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Servitization at work: On proliferation and containmentBasner, Kai Inga
2019 The Poetics of Participation: The Organizing of Participation in Contemporary ArtHolm, Ditte Vilstrup
2019 Essays on asset pricing with financial frictionsPoulsen, Thomas Kjær
2019 Sufficiency for sustainability: Determinants and strategies for reducing clothing consumptionJoanes, Tina
2019 Moving organizational atmospheresJørgensen, Lydia L.
2019 Creating innovation through collaboration - partnering in the maritime sectorSchleimann, Henriette Sophia Groskopff Tvede
2019 Social Set Visualizer (SoSeVi): Design, development and evaluation of a visual analytics tool for computational set analysis of big social dataFlesch, Benjamin Johannes
2019 Trust and self-trust in leadership identity constructions: A qualitative exploration of narrative ecology in the discursive aftermath of heroic discourseLundberg, Maria
2019 The role of self-regulation in environmental behavior changeNielsen, Kristian Steensen
2019 Reformer mellem integritet og innovation: Reform af reformens form i den danske centraladministration fra 1920 til 2019Nickelsen, Marie Sundby Palle
2019 Embracing heterogeneity: Essays in entrepreneurship and human capitalVladasel, Theodor Lucian
2019 Strategiimplementering: Styringsbestræbelser, identitet og affektChristensen, Lone
2019 Corporate default models: Empirical evidence and methodological contributionsChristoffersen, Benjamin
2019 Earnings management in private firms: An empirical analysis of determinants and consequences of earnings management in private firmsJensen, Morten Nicklas Bigler
2019 The temporal organizing of same-day discharge: A tempography of a Cardiac Day UnitScheller, Vibeke Kristine
2019 Essays on pensions and fiscal sustainabilityEslau Bonito Vieira, Filipe António
2019 Generative Mechanisms for Digital Platform Ecosystem EvolutionStaykova, Kalina S.
2019 Proactively Building Capabilities for the Post-Acquisition Integration of Information SystemsWynne, Peter J.
2019 Votes for Sale: Essays on Clientelism in New DemocraciesBøttkjær, Louise Thorn
2019 Essays in Empirical Studies Based on Administrative Labour Market DataDu, Shihan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 460