PhD Series, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Trust and self-trust in leadership identity constructions: A qualitative exploration of narrative ecology in the discursive aftermath of heroic discourseLundberg, Maria
2019 Social Set Visualizer (SoSeVi): Design, development and evaluation of a visual analytics tool for computational set analysis of big social dataFlesch, Benjamin Johannes
2019 Essays on pensions and fiscal sustainabilityEslau Bonito Vieira, Filipe António
2019 Earnings management in private firms: An empirical analysis of determinants and consequences of earnings management in private firmsJensen, Morten Nicklas Bigler
2019 The temporal organizing of same-day discharge: A tempography of a Cardiac Day UnitScheller, Vibeke Kristine
2019 Corporate default models: Empirical evidence and methodological contributionsChristoffersen, Benjamin
2019 Reformer mellem integritet og innovation: Reform af reformens form i den danske centraladministration fra 1920 til 2019Nickelsen, Marie Sundby Palle
2019 The role of self-regulation in environmental behavior changeNielsen, Kristian Steensen
2019 Embracing heterogeneity: Essays in entrepreneurship and human capitalVladasel, Theodor Lucian
2019 Creating innovation through collaboration - partnering in the maritime sectorSchleimann, Henriette Sophia Groskopff Tvede
2019 Strategiimplementering: Styringsbestræbelser, identitet og affektChristensen, Lone
2018 Excluding the Jews: The Aryanization of Danish-German Trade and German Anti- Jewish Policy in Denmark 1937-1943Bjerre, Jacob Halvas
2018 Negotiating Spaces of Everyday Politics: An Ethnographic Study of Organizing for Social Transformation for Women in Urban Poverty, Delhi, IndiaFischer, Anne Sofie
2018 Electronic Word of Behavior: Transforming Digital Traces of Consumer Behaviors Into Communicative Content in Product DesignKunst, Katrine
2018 Constructing change initiatives in workplace voice activities: Studies from a social interaction perspectiveDyrlund Wåhlin-Jacobsen, Christian
2018 Service Design as a Transformative Force: Introduction and Adoption in an Organizational ContextAricò, Marzia
2018 The Politics of Organizing Refugee CampsSchellmann, Maximilian
2018 Enterprise Risk Management: Rationaler og paradokser i en moderne ledelsesteknologi.Henriksen, Per
2018 Institutional Logics in Entrepreneurial Ventures: How Competing Logics arise and shape organizational processes and outcomes during scale-upKalum Schou, Peter
2018 Essays on Financial Frictions in Lending MarketsDaetz, Stine Louise
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 461