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Barry, Michael
Betz, Regina
Fuchs, Sandro
Gaudard, Ludovic
Geissmann, Thomas
Giuliani, Gianluca
Hediger, Werner
Herter, Marc
Kosch, Mirjam
Romerio, Franco
Schillinger, Moritz
Schlange, Lutz E.
Schuler, Christoph
Schumann, René
Voegeli, Guillaume
Weigt, Hannes
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WWZ Working Paper 2019/08
The NRP70 project "The Future of Swiss Hydropower: An Integrated Economic Assessment of Chances, Threats and Solutions" (HP Future) has been initiated in 2014 with the objective to identify options for Swiss hydropower (HP) to adopt to the ongoing and expected electricity system changes. The project has been finalized in 2018 and this final report provides an overview of the obtained results and insights. Following a short summary of the main findings is provided.
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Working Paper

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