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2021 Collateral framework: Liquidity premia and multiple equilibriaLengwiler, Yvan; Orphanides, Athanasios
2021 Changes in well-being around electionsSchreiner, Nicolas
2021 Payment Fintechs and Debt EnforcementRishabh, Kumar; Schäublin, Jorma
2021 The gender pay gap revisited with big data: Do methodological choices matter?Strittmatter, Anthony; Wunsch, Conny
2021 Jobs with green potential in Switzerland: Demand and possible skills shortagesLobsiger, Michael; Rutzer, Christian
2021 Green potential of Europe's labour force: Relative share and possible skills imbalancesLobsiger, Michael; Rutzer, Christian
2020 A carbon horse race: Abatement subsidies vs. permit trading in SwitzerlandHintermann, Beat; Žarković, Maja
2020 The short-run impact of SNB sight deposits on exchange rates: Results from weekly data 2015-2018Kugler, Peter
2020 Special interest groups versus voters and the political economics of attentionBalles, Patrick; Matter, Ulrich; Stutzer, Alois
2020 Blacking outLengwiler, Yvan
2020 Effectiveness of corona lockdowns: Homburg's flawed analysisFelder, Stefan; Robra, Bernt-Peter
2020 Environmental Policy and Heterogeneous Labor Market Effects: Evidence from EuropeNiggli, Matthias; Rutzer, Christian
2020 The effect of climate policy on productivity and cost pass-through in the German manufacturing sectorHintermann, Beat; Žarković, Maja; Di Maria, Corrado; Wagner, Ulrich J.
2020 The effect of demographic change on the Swiss labor market: The role of participation ratesBuchmann, Manuel
2020 Cap-and-trade and produce at least cost? Investigating firm behaviour in the EU ETSŽarković, Maja
2020 Peer gender and mental healthGetik, Demid; Meier, Armando N.
2020 Are emissions trading schemes cost-effective?Di Maria, Corrado; Žarković, Maja; Hintermann, Beat
2020 Exports and invoicing: Evidence from the 2015 Swiss Franc appreciationAuer, Raphael A.; Burstein, Ariel T.; Erhardt, Katharina; Lein-Rupprecht, Sarah M.
2020 Plädoyer für den E-Euro - Implikationen für die GesellschaftBerentsen, Aleksander
2020 Tracking inflation on a daily basisAlvarez, Santiago E.; Lein-Rupprecht, Sarah M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 252