WWZ Discussion Papers & WWZ Working Papers, Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Zentrum (WWZ), Universität Basel

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2017 Technology lock-in with horizontal and vertical innovations through limited R&D spendingBondarev, Anton; Greiner, Alfred
2017 Catching-up and falling behind: Effects of learning in an R&D differential game with spilloversBondarev, Anton; Greiner, Alfred
2017 An energy-centric theory of agglomerationMoreno-Cruz, Juan; Taylor, Michael Scott
2017 Environmental pollution in a growing economy with endogenous structural changeBondarev, Anton; Greiner, Alfred
2016 Working from home: What is the effect on employees' effort?Rupietta, Kira; Beckmann, Michael
2016 The anticipation and adaptation effects of intra- and interpersonal wage changes on job satisfactionDiriwächter, Patric; Shvartsman, Elena
2016 Prejudice in Naturalization Decisions: Theory and EvidenceIlić, Dragan
2016 Self-fulfilling prophecies in rank order testsIlić, Dragan
2016 Structural change in (economic) time seriesKleiber, Christian
2016 Self-managed working time and firm performance: Microeconometric evidenceBeckmann, Michael
2016 Sorting in iterated incumbency contestsHäfner, Samuel; Nöldeke, Georg
2015 Preaching Water But Drinking Wine? Relative Performance Evaluation in International BankingIlić, Dragan; Pisarov, Sonja; Schmidt, Peter S.
2015 The symmetric equilibria of symmetric voter participation games with complete informationNöldeke, Georg; Peña, Jorge
2015 Value bounds and best response violations in discriminatory share auctionsHäfner, Samuel
2015 Stressed by your job: What is the role of personnel policy?Shvartsman, Elena; Beckmann, Michael
2015 Shark Hunting: International Trade and the Imminent Extinction of Heterogeneous SpeciesErhardt, Tobias; Weder, Rolf
2015 On the Credibility of the Euro/Swiss Franc Floor: A Financial Market PerspectiveHertrich, Markus; Zimmermann, Heinz
2015 The Future of Swiss Hydropower: A Review on Drivers and UncertaintiesBarry, Michael; Baur, Patrick; Gaudard, Ludovic; Giuliani, Gianluca; Hediger, Werner; Romerio, Franco; Schillinger, Moritz; Schumann, René; Voegeli, Gillaume; Weigt, Hannes
2015 Stable Biased SamplingHäfner, Samuel
2015 Voluntary Corporate Climate Initiatives and Regulatory Loom: Batten Down the HatchesIlić, Dragan; Mollet, Janick Christian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 160