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2024Learning from the past: The role of personal experiences in artificial stock marketsLenhard, Gregor
2024Special interest groups versus voters and the political economics of attentionBalles, Patrick; Matter, Ulrich; Stutzer, Alois
2024On the importance of Swiss patient data for pharmaceutical R&D in SwitzerlandBentele, Riccardo; Weder, Rolf
2023Do fiscal rules matter? A survey on recent evidenceBrändle, Thomas; Elsener, Marc
2023Nuclear decommissioning profile: SwitzerlandBärenbold, Rebekka
2023The illusive slump of disruptive patentsMacher, Jeffrey T.; Rutzer, Christian; Weder, Rolf
2023State and federal nuclear support schemes in dynamic electricity market conditions: Insights from NYISO and PJMBah, Muhammad Maladoh
2023Nuclear decommissioning profile: SwedenBärenbold, Rebekka
2023Cross-country survey on the decommissioning of commercial nuclear reactors: Status, insights and knowledge gapsBärenbold, Rebekka; Muhammad Maladoh Bah; Lordan-Perret, Rebecca; Steigerwald, Björn; von Hirschhausen, Christian R.; Wealer, Ben; Weigt, Hannes; Wimmers, Alexander
2023Unequal expenditure switching: Evidence from SwitzerlandAuer, Raphael A.; Burstein, Ariel T.; Lein, Sarah; Vogel, Jonathan
2023Nuclear decommissioning profile: USABah, Muhammad Maladoh
2023Unemployment insurance with response heterogeneityWunsch, Conny; Zabrodina, Véra
2023Ein System zur laufenden Messung der Knappheitsverhältnisse auf beruflichen Arbeitsmärkten in der SchweizFelder, Rahel; Sheldon, George
2022Price versus commitment: Managing the demand for off-peak train tickets in a field experimentHintermann, Beat; Thommen, Christoph
2022Unregistered work among refugees: Evidence from a list experiment in GermanyDoerr, Annabelle; Hartmann, Carina; Sajons, Christoph
2022Vocational training for female job returners: Effects on employment, earnings and job qualityDoerr, Annabelle
2022An ex-ante method to verify commercial U.S. nuclear power plant decommissioning cost estimatesLordan-Perret, Rebecca; Bärenbold, Rebekka; Weigt, Hannes; Rosner, Robert
2022The impact of COVID-19 on mobility choices in SwitzerlandHintermann, Beat; Schoeman, Beaumont Maarten; Molloy, Joseph; Schatzmann, Thomas; Tchervenkov, Christopher; Axhausen, Kay W.
2022Gathering of data relevant for PV investment decisions: (WWZ Forum projects FV-71 & FV-79)Oeri, Fintan
2022Product lotteries and loss aversionSchäfers, Sebastian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 282