SITE Working Paper Series, Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE), Stockholm School of Economics

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 A fresh look at whistleblower rewardsNyreröd, Theo; Spagnolo, Giancarlo
2021 Assessing alternative indicators for Covid-19 policy evaluation, with a counterfactual for SwedenLatour, Chiara; Peracchi, Franco; Spagnolo, Giancarlo
2021 Surprised by Wirecard? Enablers of corporate wrongdoing in EuropeNyreröd, Theo; Spagnolo, Giancarlo
2020 Selective attention and the importance of types for information campaignsPerrotta Berlin, Maria; Mandl, Benjamin
2019 Financial Contracts as Coordination DeviceLe Coq, Chloé; Schwenen, Sebastian
2019 Russia's macroeconomy—a closer look at growth, investment, and uncertaintyBecker, Torbjörn
2019 Russia's economy and regional spilloversBecker, Torbjörn
2019 Prostitution and violence: Evidence from SwedenPerrotta Berlin, Maria; Immordino, Giovanni; Russo, Francesco Flaviano; Spagnolo, Giancarlo
2019 Corrupting cartels: An overview of the Petrobras caseBarbosa, Klenio; Spagnolo, Giancarlo
2019 Financial incentives for whistleblowers: A short surveySpagnolo, Giancarlo; Nyreröd, Theo
2018 Signaling Dissent: Political Behavior in the Arab WorldDesai, Raj M.; Olofsgård, Anders; Yousef, Tarik
2018 How Do Nascent Social Entrepreneurs Respond to Rewards? A Field Experiment on Motivations in a Grant CompetitionGanguli, Ina; Le Coq, Chloé; Huysentruyt, Marieke
2018 Myths and Numbers on Whistleblower RewardsNyreröd, Theo; Spagnolo, Giancarlo
2017 Leniency, Asymmetric Punishment and Corruption: Evidence from ChinaPerrotta Berlin, Maria; Spagnolo, Giancarlo; Qin, Bei
2017 Whistleblower Rewards, False Reports, and Corporate FraudBuccirossi, Paolo; Immordino, Giovanni; Spagnolo, Giancarlo
2017 From abnormal to normal—Two tales of growth from 25 years of transitionBecker, Torbjörn; Olofsgård, Anders
2016 Preparing for Genocide: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from RwandaBonnier, Evelina; Poulsen, Jonas; Rogall, Thorsten; Stryjan, Miri
2016 The Nature of Swedish-Russian Capital FlowsBecker, Torbjörn
2016 Leniency, Collusion, Corruption, and WhistleblowingLuz, Reinaldo; Spagnolo, Giancarlo
2016 Cartels and Leniency: Taking stock of what we learntMarvão, Catarina; Spagnolo, Giancarlo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 55