Working Paper Series, Canadian Labour Economics Forum (CLEF), University of Waterloo

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2022 Spousal labour supply adjustments to extended benefits weeks: Evidence from CanadaLluis, Stephanie; McCall, Brian
2021 Survey non-response in Covid-19 times: The case of the labour force surveyBrochu, Pierre; Créchet, Jonathan
2021 Welfare versus work under a negative income tax: Evidence from the Gary, Seattle, Denver and Manitoba income maintenance experimentsRiddell, Chris; Riddell, William Craig
2021 The intergenerational effects of economic sanctionsMoeeni, Safoura
2021 Endogenous learning, persistent employer biases, and discriminationLepage, Louis Pierre
2021 Innovative ideas and gender inequalityKoffi, Marlene
2021 Canadian labour market dynamics during COVID-19Jones, Stephen R. G.; Lange, Fabian; Riddell, William Craig; Warman, Casey
2021 The transformation of Canada's temporary foreign worker programO'Donnell, Ian; Skuterud, Mikal
2021 The heterogenous labour market impact of the COVID-19 pandemicCortes, Guido Matias; Forsythe, Eliza
2021 Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the CARES act on earnings and inequalityCortes, Guido Matias; Forsythe, Eliza
2020 Caught in the cycle: Economic conditions at enrollment and labor market outcomes of college graduatesBiécáková, Alena; Cortes, Guido Matias; Mazza, Jacopo
2020 Strategic self-employment and family formationLloyd, Neil
2020 The Great Depression and the rise of female employment: A new hypothesisBellou, Andriana; Cardia, Emanuela
2020 Effects of public-school choice on private schools: Evidence from open enrollment reformCohn, Ricardo Meilman
2020 Household responses to disability shocks: Spousal labor supply, caregiving, and disability insuranceLee, Siha
2020 Automation and reallocation: The lasting legacy of COVID-19 in CanadaBlit, Joel
2020 Is increasing productivity COVID-19's silver lining?Blit, Joel
2020 Endogenous learning and the persistence of employer biases in the labor marketLepage, Louis Pierre
2020 Labor markets in crisis: The causal impact of Canada's COVD19 economic shutdown on hours worked for workers across the earnings distributionKoebel, Kourtney; Pohler, Dionne
2020 Covid-19, family stress and domestic violence: Remote work, isolation and bargaining powerBeland, Louis-Philippe; Brodeur, Abel; Haddad, Joanne; Mikola, Derek
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 41
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