Working Paper Series, Canadian Labour Economics Forum (CLEF), University of Waterloo

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2020 Descriptive labor market outcomes of immigrant women across EuropeAdserà, Alícia; Ferrer, Ana M.; Herranz, Virginia
2020 Strategic self-employment and family formationLloyd, Neil
2020 The Great Depression and the rise of female employment: A new hypothesisBellou, Andriana; Cardia, Emanuela
2020 Caught in the cycle: Economic conditions at enrollment and labor market outcomes of college graduatesBiécáková, Alena; Cortes, Guido Matias; Mazza, Jacopo
2020 Effects of public-school choice on private schools: Evidence from open enrollment reformCohn, Ricardo Meilman
2020 Household responses to disability shocks: Spousal labor supply, caregiving, and disability insuranceLee, Siha
2019 How skills and parental valuation of education influence human capital acquisition and early labor market return to human capital in CanadaKottelenberg, Michael J.; Lehrer, Steven F.
2018 Family structure and child cognitive outcomes: Evidence from Canadian longitudinal dataFerrer, Ana M.; Pan, Yazhuo
2018 The effectiveness of consumption tax on the reduction of car pollution in ChinaArcila, Andres; Chen, Tao; Lu, Xiaolan
2018 Identifying the value of teamwork: Application to professional tennisDevereux, Kevin
2017 The gender gap in university participation: What role do skills and parents play?Foley, Kelly
2017 Unemployment, marginal attachment and labor force participation in Canada and the United StatesJones, Stephen R. G.; Riddell, William Craig
2017 Immigration and innovation: Evidence from Canadian citiesBlit, Joel; Skuterud, Mikal; Zhang, Jue
2017 The relative labour market performance of former international students: Evidence from the Canadian National Graduates SurveyChen, Zong Jia; Skuterud, Mikal
2017 Is there a tradeoff between ethnic diversity and redistribution? The case of income assistance in CanadaGreen, David A.; Riddell, William Craig
2016 The consequences of academic match between students and collegesDillon, Eleanor Wiske; Smith, Jeffrey A.
2016 The effect of house prices on fertility: Evidence from CanadaClark, Jeremy; Ferrer, Ana M.
2016 Evaluation of optimal unemployment insurance with reemployment bonuses using regression discontinuity (kink) designHuang, Po-Chun; Yang, Tzu-Ting
2016 Speeding up for a son? Fertility transitions among Asian migrants to CanadaAdserà, Alícia; Ferrer, Ana M.
2016 Field of study and the decision to delay universityFoley, Kelly; Groes, Fane
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 22
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