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Erschien bis Nr. 105 als Studies mit der ISSN 2512-8795. / Published until No. 105 as Studies with ISSN 2512-8795.

Früherer Name der herausgebenden Einrichtung: Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) / Editing institution's former name: German Development Institute

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2022Natural resource governance in light of the 2030 Agenda: The case of competition for groundwater in Azraq, JordanDombrowsky, Ines; Hägele, Ramona; Behrenbeck, Lukas; Bollwein, Thomas; Köder, Mirjana; Oberhauser, Daniel; Schamberger, Ronja; Al-Naber, Majd; Al-Raggad, Marwan; Salameh, Elias
2022Decarbonising cities: Assessing governance approaches for transformative changeRoll, Michael; von Haldenwang, Christian; Grohmann, Christina; Gronen, Maria Elisabeth; Laible, Anne; Orth, Johanna; Wengel, Florian; Zumegen, Lisa
2021Kommunale Entwicklungspolitik in DeutschlandMarschall, Paul; Wingens, Christopher; Dick, Eva
2021Origins, evolution and future of global development cooperation: The role of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC)Bracho, Gerardo; Carey, Richard H.; Hynes, William; Klingebiel, Stephan; Trzeciak-Duval, Alexandra
2020Community effects of cash-for-work programmes in Jordan: Supporting social cohesion, more equitable gender roles and local economic development in contexts of flight and migrationLoewe, Markus; Zintl, Tina; Fritzenkötter, Jörn; Gantner, Verena; Kaltenbach, Regina; Pohl, Lena
2020Earmarking in the multilateral development system: Many shades of greyWeinlich, Silke; Baumann, Max-Otto; Lundsgaarde, Erik; Wolff, Peter
2020The transition towards a green economy and its implications for quality infrastructureAuktor, Georgeta Vidican; Altenburg, Tilman; Stamm, Andreas
2019Sustainable public procurement as a tool to foster sustainable development in Costa Rica: Challenges and recommendations for policy implementationStamm, Andreas; Dietrich, Luise; Harling, Heike; Häußler, Laura; Münch, Florian; Preiß, Jana; Siebert, Jan
2019Wandel von Sozialpolitik im Kontext von Global Social Governance: das Beispiel PeruLicht, Nathalie
2017Retail FDI liberalisation and the transformation of agrifood value chains in IndiaHampel-Milagrosa, Aimée; Brankamp, Hauke; Cremer, Thomas; Haddad, Alexander; Pannwitz, Katharina; Wehinger, Franziska; Agasty, Sangeeta; Sarkar, Tamal
2017Spatial development initiatives – potentials, challenges and policy lessons: with a specific outlook for inclusive agrocorridors in Sub-Sahara AfricaReeg, Caroline
2017Policy options for improving drought resilience and its implication for food security: the cases of Ethiopia and KenyaDuguma, Mesay Kebede; Brüntrup, Michael; Tsegai, Daniel
2017Managing coastal ecosystems in the Philippines: what Cash for Work programmes can contributeAltenburg, Tilman; Fischer, Cecilia; Huck, Kerstin; Kruip, Anna; Müller, Sören; Sörensen, Stefanie
2017Aligning climate change mitigation and sustainable development under the UNFCCC: a critical assessment of the Clean Development Mechanism, the Green Climate Fund and REDD+Horstmann, Britta; Hein, Jonas
2016Environmental tax reform in developing, emerging and transition economiesSchlegelmilch, Kai; Cottrell, Jacqueline; Runkel, Matthias; Mahler, Alexander
2016Food security in sub-Saharan Africa: a fresh look on agricultural mechanisation. How adapted financial solutions can make a differenceStröh de Martínez, Christiane; Feddersen, Marietta; Speicher, Anna
2016Policies and institutions for assuring pro-poor rural development and food security through bioenergy production: case studies on bush-to-energy and Jatropha in NamibiaBrüntrup, Michael; Becker, Katharina; Prothmann, Jan; Ostermann, Silja; Gaebler, Martina; Herrmann , Raoul
2016Deep preferential trade agreements and upgrading in global value chains: the case of VietnamBerger, Axel; Bruhn, Dominique; Bender, Andrea; Friesen, Julia; Kick, Katharina; Kullmann, Felix; Roßner, Robert; Weyrauch, Svenja
2015The global partnership for effective development cooperation: origins, actions and future prospectsAbdel-Malek, Talaat
2015The devolution of the land and building tax in IndonesiaEngelmann, Tobias; von Haldenwang, Christian; Sahler, Gregor; Elfert, Alice; Germain, Samuel; Stanzel Ferreira, Amelie
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 107
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