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2018Commodity indexes and the stock markets of the GCC countriesAzar, Samih Antoine; Chopurian, Nazo Assadour
2018Exploring Gender Effects in Intention to Islamic Mobile Banking Adoption: An empirical studyHaider, Muhammad Jamal; Gao, Changchun; Akram, Tayyaba; Hussain, Syed Talib
2018Leadership development program and leaders performance for mid-level managers in Saudi Petroleum Company, ARAMCOAldulaimi, Saeed Hameed
2018Service quality and attitudinal loyalty: Consumers' perception of two major telecommunication companies in OmanBelwal, Rakesh; Amireh, Mohannad
2018Compliance with IFRs: The case of risk disclosure practices in EgyptMokhtar, Ekramy; ElHaridy, Ali; Mandour, Mohamed
2018Competition and resilience: Lean manufacturing in the plastic industry in LebanonNassereddine, Abdallah; Wehbe, Ali
2018Monetary condition index and its changing transmission on macro-economic variablesMemon, Iqra Aslam; Jabeen, Hummaira
2018Structural and market-related factors impacting profitability: A cross sectional study of listed companiesSeissian, Lena A.; Gharios, Robert T.; Awad, Antoine B.
2018Multi-specialization: The concept, motivations and impact on individualsCarvalho, Rui Miguel Dias; da Palma, Patricia Jardim
2018The responsible behavior of tourist: The role of personnel factors and public power and effect on the choice of destinationZgolli, Samar; Zaiem, Imed
2018The effect of celebrity endorsement on consumer behavior: Case of the Lebanese jewelry industryHani, Safi; Marwan, Azouri; Andre, Azouri
2018Islamic financial system and conventional banking: A comparisonSalman, Asma; Nawaz, Huma
2018E-marketing implementation in small and medium-sized restaurants in PalestineQashou, Abeer; Saleh, Yahya
2017Role of intrinsic factors in impulsive buying decision: An empirical study of young consumersSofi, Shakeel Ahmad; Nika, Fayaz Ahmad
2017The relationship between the emotional intelligence of entrepreneurs and the new venture creation: The role of age, gender and motiveFakhr El-Din, Hadia
2017Customer-to-customer interaction in tourism experience: Moderating role of nationalityZgolli, Samar; Zaiem, Imed
2017Eid Mawlid al-Nabi, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha; optimism and impact on analysts' recommendations: Evidence From MENA regionSatt, Harit
2017Causal relationship between CSR and FB in banksFayad, Amal Abou; Ayoub, Razan; Ayoub, Maysam
2017How bad it is to be good: Impact of organizational ethical culture on whistleblowing (the ethical partners)Farooqi, Saira; Abid, Ghulam; Ahmed, Alia
2017An empirical study of the pathology of organizational communications based on three branches model: A case studyKheirandish, Mehdi; Avilagh, Hamed Abbaszadeh; Nazemi, Najmeh
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 40