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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 An empirical study of the pathology of organizational communications based on three branches model: A case studyKheirandish, Mehdi; Avilagh, Hamed Abbaszadeh; Nazemi, Najmeh
2017 The relationship between the emotional intelligence of entrepreneurs and the new venture creation: The role of age, gender and motiveFakhr El-Din, Hadia
2017 Causal relationship between CSR and FB in banksFayad, Amal Abou; Ayoub, Razan; Ayoub, Maysam
2017 Role of intrinsic factors in impulsive buying decision: An empirical study of young consumersSofi, Shakeel Ahmad; Nika, Fayaz Ahmad
2017 Eid Mawlid al-Nabi, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha; optimism and impact on analysts' recommendations: Evidence From MENA regionSatt, Harit
2017 How bad it is to be good: Impact of organizational ethical culture on whistleblowing (the ethical partners)Farooqi, Saira; Abid, Ghulam; Ahmed, Alia
2017 Customer-to-customer interaction in tourism experience: Moderating role of nationalityZgolli, Samar; Zaiem, Imed
2016 The influence of the implementation of CSR on business strategy: An empirical approach based on Cameroonian enterprisesBoubakary; Moskolaï, Doumagay Donatienne
2016 Myopic consumption and wage increase: The case of LebanonBadra, Nasser
2016 The impact of relational leadership on employee innovative work behavior in IT industry of ChinaAkram, Tayyaba; Lei, Shen; Haider, Muhammad Jamal
2016 Inter-linkages and causal relationships between US and BRIC equity markets: An empirical investigationAmanjot Singh; Manjit Singh
2016 The Ramadan effect: Illusion or reality?Sonjaya, Azwar Ramadhana; Wahyudi, Imam
2016 Exploring corporate social responsibility's global and Glocal practices in Qatar: A practitioner and stakeholder perspectiveGualtieri, Ilaria; Topić, Martina
2015 The Relationship between Growth-Inequality-Poverty Triangle and Environmental Degradation: Unveiling the RealityHassan, Syeda Anam; Zaman, Khalid; Gul, Shah
2015 What Does Matter in Economy Today: When Human Psychology Drives Financial MarketsDhaoui, Abderrazak
2015 Brand Love – Moving Beyond Loyalty An Empirical Investigation of Perceived Brand Love of Indian ConsumerKang, Amanpreet
2015 Generating Ideas on Online Platforms: A Case Study of "My Starbucks Idea"Hossain, Mokter; Islam, K. M. Zahidul
2015 The Socio-Economic Determinants of Crime in Pakistan: New Evidence on an Old DebateKhan, Nabeela; Ahmed, Junaid; Nawaz, Muhammad; Zaman, Khalid
2015 Foreign Remittances, Foreign Direct Investment, Foreign Imports and Economic Growth in Pakistan: A Time Series AnalysisTahir, Muhammad; Khan, Imran; Shah, Afzal Moshadi
2014 Sensitivity of trading intensity to optimistic and pessimistic beliefs: Evidence from the French stock marketDhaoui, Abderrazak; Khraief, Naceur
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 27