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Zelinsky, Annika S.
Botzenhardt, Florian
Ferdinand, Hans-Michael
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[Journal:] Markenbrand [ISSN:] 2195-4933 [Volume:] [Year:] 2016 [Issue:] 5/2016 [Pages:] 46-56
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Children play a key role when it comes to their parents' buying decisions. It is obvious that this is an important fact for brands and their products. For strong brand-consumer-relationships it is very interesting to start building this relationship as early as possible and ethically acceptable. Looking at children, the internet has become a very important channel for information and entertainment. From a marketing perspective it feels natural to offer tailor-made websites for a young audience. This article examines if specific websites for children have a positive impact on customer loyalty. Out of literature review, 10 criteria for establishing a child-brand-relationship are defined. Based on this list of criteria, two german websites are analyzed: ALDIlino, the children-oriented website by the discount market-leader ALDI and the website of Barbie, the well-known Brand by Mattel. The analysis shows that child-oriented websites can have a positive effect on customer loyalty if the websites are built with the specific requirements of children in mind.
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