Review of Capital as Power, Forum on Capital As Power

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2022 Hype: The Capitalist Degree of Induced ParticipationDi Liberto, Yuri
2022 Costly Efficiencies: Health Care Spending, COVID-19, and the Public/Private Health Care DebateMouré, Christopher
2021 Reconsidering Systemic Fear and the Stock Market: A Reply to Baines and HagerMcMahon, James
2021 Soft-wars: A Capital-as-Power Analysis of Google's Power TrajectoryMouré, Christopher
2021 From Commodities to Assets: Capital as Power and the Ontology of FinanceSuaste Cherizola, Jesús
2020 Growing through Sabotage: Energizing Hierarchical PowerBichler, Shimshon; Nitzan, Jonathan
2019 The Autocatalytic Sprawl of Pseudorational MasteryMartin, Ulf
2018 Theory and Praxis, Theory and Practice, Practical TheoryDebailleul, Corentin; Bichler, Shimshon; Nitzan, Jonathan
2018 The CasP Project: Past, Present, FutureNitzan, Jonathan; Bichler, Shimshon
2018 Propertization: The process by which financial corporate power has risen and collapsedKim, Jongchul
2015 Putting Power Back Into Growth TheoryFix, Blair
2014 Can Capitalists Afford Recovery? Three Views on Economic Policy in Times of CrisisNitzan, Jonathan; Bichler, Shimshon
2014 Wal-Mart's Power Trajectory: A Contribution to the Political Economy of the FirmBaines, Joseph
2013 America's Real 'Debt Dilemma'Hager, Sandy Brian
2013 The Rise of a Confident Hollywood: Risk and the Capitalization of CinemaMcMahon, James
2013 The Buy-to-Build Indicator: New Estimates for Britain and the United StatesFrancis, Joseph A.
2013 Francis’ Buy-to-Build Estimates for Britain and the United States: A CommentBichler, Shimshon; Nitzan, Jonathan
2012 The 1%, Exploitation and Wealth: Tim Di Muzio interviews Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan NitzanBichler, Shimshon; Nitzan, Jonathan; Di Muzio, Tim
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18
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