Journal of Applied Leadership and Management, Professional School of Business & Technology, Hochschule Kempten - University of Applied Sciences

ISSN: 2194-9522

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2021 What differentiates firms led by female CEOs?Elango, Balasubramanian; Jones, Jim; Healey, Pat; Assan-Sackey, Bertha
2021 The empowered project manager: Employee perception of empowermentGoerz, Katharina
2021 Examination and evaluation of GMP-compliant pharmaceutical production standards in the context of industry 4.0Wölfle, Roland
2021 Don't be too SMART, but SAVE your goals: Proposal for a renewed goal-setting formula for Generation YDesjardins, Christoph
2021 The influence of corporate status symbols in (today's) leadership perceptionAndré, Rui A.
2021 Maximizing the value of values-based leadership (VBL): A reconceptualization for leaders and organizationsFulford, Mark D.; Coleman, Robert A.
2020 The impact of organizational growth on employees' personal initiative and commitmentWalters Glombik, Jill
2020 The impact of self-awareness on leadership behaviorHartung, Peter
2020 Social media in B2B: Usage and effects of social media in German B2B companiesNördinger, Susanne; Desjardins, Christoph
2020 Critical analysis of carbon dioxide emissions in a comparison of e-commerce and traditional retailSchmitz, Tanja
2020 The leadership expectations of millennialsPeccianti, Sara
2020 Individual motivation factors in agile teamsArndt, Philipp
2020 Awareness of intrinsic motivation in leadershipFreudling, Maximilian
2020 Career success factors of women engineers in leadership positionsSchmitt, Miriam
2020 Cognitive assistance systems for manual assembly throughout the German manufacturing industryFink, Klaus
2019 The influence of digitalisation on procurement efficiencyBauer, Florian; Göbl, Martin
2019 Gender, self-image and leadership: a gender-specific comparison of the self-images of female and male leadersStreibich, Brigitte; Desjardins, Christoph
2019 Application of cost management methodologies for sustainable cost reductions of purchased parts: Comparison and evaluation of different methods in the industrial applicationSchmidt, Fabian
2019 Analysis of the misuse of customer-friendly returns services in e-commerce by ultimate consumers (B2C)Sonntag, Mona
2019 Employee Retention Management: long-term retention of employees – a comparison of generationsWinkler, Katrin; Saur, Christina
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 63
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