Diskussionspapiere der Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät - Hannover Economic Papers (HEP), Leibniz Universität Hannover

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 An analytical approach to crowdinvesting: The impact of marketing and idea stealing on the entrepreneur's decision makingBethmann, Nicola; Frieden, Matthias
2019 The US trade dispute: Blunt offense or rational strategy?Hübler, Michael; Herdecke, Axel
2019 A comparison of semiparametric tests for fractional cointegrationLeschinski, Christian; Voges, Michelle; Sibbertsen, Philipp
2019 The relationship between trust, cognitive skills, and democracy: Evidence from 30 countries around the worldSchnitzlein, Daniel D.
2018 Ein Vorschlag zur GrundsteuerreformHomburg, Stefan
2018 Integration and disintegration of EMU government bond marketsLeschinski, Christian; Voges, Michelle; Sibbertsen, Philipp
2018 A probabilistic cohort-component model for population forecasting: The case of GermanyVanella, Patrizio; Deschermeier, Philipp
2018 Why fintechs cooperate with banks: Evidence from GermanyBömer, Max; Maxin, Hannes
2018 A principal component simulation of age-specific fertility: Impacts of family and social policy on reproductive behavior in GermanyVanella, Patrizio; Deschermeier, Philipp
2018 The periodogram of spurious long-memory processesLeschinski, Christian; Sibbertsen, Philipp
2018 Migration as an adjustment mechanism in the crisis? A comparison of Europe and the United States 2006-2016Jauer, Julia; Liebig, Thomas; Martin, John P.; Puhani, Patrick A.
2018 Work-related mental health problems increase with rising aggregate unemploymentPikos, Anna Katharina
2018 Estimating the volatility of asset pricing factorsBecker, Janis; Leschinski, Christian
2018 An overview of modified semiparametric memory estimation methodsBusch, Marie; Sibbertsen, Philipp
2018 Is commodity index investing profitable?Fethke, Tobias; Prokopczuk, Marcel
2018 A forward calibration method for new quantitative trade modelsPothen, Frank; Hübler, Michael
2018 Hortinlea baseline survey report 2014Kebede, Sindu Workneh; Krause, Henning; Ngenoh, Evans; Bett, Hillary Kiplangat; Faße, Anja; Bokelmann, Wolfgang
2018 Die Rolle der Computerisierung und Digitalisierung für Beschäftigung und EinkommenThomsen, Stephan L.
2018 Directional predictability of daily stock returnsBecker, Janis; Leschinski, Christian
2018 Social accounting matrix: A user manual for village economiesGronau, Steven; Winter, Etti
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 447