Diskussionspapiere der Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät - Hannover Economic Papers (HEP), Leibniz Universität Hannover

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022How to limit the spillover from the 2021 inflation surge to inflation expectations?Dräger, Lena; Lamla, Michael; Pfajfar, Damjan
2022Your pain, my gain? Estimating the trade relocation effects from civil conflictKorn, Tobias; Stemmler, Henry
2022Estimation and testing in a perturbed multivariate long memory frameworkLess, Vivien; Sibbertsen, Philipp
2022Using recurrent neural networks for the performance analysis and optimization of stochastic milkrun-supplied flow linesSüdbeck, Insa; Mindlina, Julia; Schnabel, André; Helber, Stefan
2022Optimal forecasts in the presence of discrete structural breaks under long memoryMboya, Mwasi Paza; Sibbertsen, Philipp
2021Culture as a hiring criterion: Systemic discrimination in a procedurally fair hiring processMeurs, Dominique; Puhani, Patrick A.
2021The impact of population aging on the German statutory pension insurance: A probabilistic approachVanella, Patrizio; Gonzalez, Miguel Rodriguez; Wilke, Christina Benita
2021Consequences of FTA withdrawal: Evidence from "Uxit"Gnutzmann, Hinnerk; Gnutzmann-Mkrtchyan, Arevik; Korn, Tobias
2021Do algebraic numbers follow Khinchin's law?Sibbertsen, Philipp; Lampert, Timm; Müller, Karsten; Taktikos, Michael
2021Ungleich verteilte Corona-Infektionen zwischen den BundesländernHübler, Olaf
2021The socioeconomic determinants of urban poverty in Saudi ArabiaAl Lily, Miriam; Waibel, Hermann
2021Effects of mandatory military service on wages and other socioeconomic outcomesPuhani, Patrick A.; Sterrenberg, Margret K.
2021Different but stable - gender-specific competitive behavior across agePikos, Anna Katharina; Straub, Alexander
2021Modelling short- and long-term dependencies of clustered high-threshold exceedances in significant wave heightsDissanayake, Pushpa; Flock, Teresa; Meier, Johanna; Sibbertsen, Philipp
2021The effects of fiscal policy on households during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from emerging economiesBui, Dzung; Dräger, Lena; Hayo, Bernd; Giang Hong Nghiem
2021How do warnings affect retail demand for Bitcoin? Evidence from an international survey experimentEbers, Axel; Thomsen, Stephan L.
2020Innovation and communication media in virtual teams: An experimental studyGrözinger, Nicola; Irlenbusch, Bernd; Laske, Katharina; Schröder, Marina
2020France and Germany exceed Italy, South Korea and Japan in temperature-adjusted Corona proliferation: A quick and dirty Sunday morning analysisPuhani, Patrick A.
2020Zur Relevanz von Ausstattungsunterschieden für Forschungsleistungsvergleiche: Ein Diskussionsbeitrag für die Wirtschaftswissenschaften in DeutschlandPüttmann, Vitus; Thomsen, Stephan L.; Trunzer, Johannes
2020The similarities in efficiency of universities and universities of applied sciences in Lower SaxonyStöver, Britta; Sibbertsen, Philipp
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 512