Theoretical Economics – Journal of The Econometric Society

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2024Optimal delegation and information transmission under limited awarenessAuster, Sarah; Pavoni, Nicola
2024Digital currency and privacyKang, Kee-Youn
2024Exploiting social influence in networksNora, Vladyslav; Winter, Eyal
2024Optimal contests with incomplete information and convex effort costsZhang, Mengxi
2024Persistence in a dynamic moral hazard gameBohren, J. Aislinn
2024Data and incentivesLiang, Annie; Madsen, Erik
2024Asymmetric all-pay auctions with spilloversBetto, Maria; Thomas, Matthew W.
2024The dynamics of instabilityBarilla, César; Gonçalves, Duarte
2024Wages as signals of worker mobilityChen, Yu; Doyle, Matthew; González, Francisco M.
2024Worst-case equilibria in first-price auctionsGretschko, Vitali; Mass, Helene
2024Optimal sequential contestsHinnosaar, Toomas
2024Sophisticated banking contracts and fragility when withdrawal information is publicHuang, Xuesong
2024Asset bubbles and product market competitionQueirós, Francisco
2024A dynamic model of censorshipSun, Yiman
2023Equilibrium existence in games with tiesOlszewski, Wojciech; Siegel, Ron
2023Strategic investment evaluationKirpalani, Rishabh; Madsen, Erik
2023Paying with informationKaya, Ayça
2023Attack and interception in networksBloch, Francis; Chatterjee, Kalyan; Dutta, Bhaskar
2023Characterizing the top cycle via strategyproofnessBrandt, Felix; Lederer, Patrick
2023Optimal assignment mechanisms with imperfect verificationPereyra, Juan Sebastián; Silva, Francisco
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 572