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2016 Innovation vs. imitation and the evolution of productivity distributionsZilibotti, Fabrizio; König, Michael; Lorenz, Jan
2016 Dynamic markets for lemons: performance, liquidity, and policy interventionMoreno, Diego; Wooders, John
2016 Savage gamesGrant, Simon; Meneghel, Idione; Tourky, Rabee
2016 Matching with slot-specific priorities: theoryKominers, Scott Duke; Sönmez, Tayfun
2016 Condorcet meets EllsbergEllis, Andrew
2016 Negotiation across multiple issuesPersitz, Dotan; Gayer, Gabrielle
2016 A characterization of single-peaked preferences via random social choice functionsChatterji, Shurojit; Sen, Arunava; Zeng, Huaxia
2016 Approximate efficiency in repeated games with side-payments and correlated signalsZhang, Wenzhang; Chan, Jimmy H.
2016 On the impossibility of core-selecting auctionsGoeree, Jacob K.; Lien, Yuanchuan
2016 Transparency and distressed sales under asymmetric informationFuchs, William; Öry, Aniko; Skrzypacz, Andrzej
2016 Strategic complementarities and unraveling in matching marketsEchenique, Federico; Pereyra, Juan Sebastián
2016 Rewards and punishments: informal contracting through social preferencesChassang, Sylvain; Zehnder, Christian
2016 Comparing generalized median voter schemes according to their manipulabilityArribillaga, R. Pablo; Massó, Jordi
2016 A search-theoretic model of the term premiumGeromichalos, Athanasios; Herrenbrueck, Lucas M.; Salyer, Kevin D.
2016 The importance of being honestKlein, Nicolas
2016 Stability and incentives for college admissions with budget constraintsAbizada, Azar
2016 Monotone threshold representationsFrick, Mira
2016 Mechanism design with maxmin agents: theory and an application to bilateral tradeWolitzky, Alexander
2016 Optimal delegated search with adverse selection and moral hazardUlbricht, Robert
2016 Large deviations and stochastic stability in the small noise double limitSandholm, William H.; Staudigl, Mathias
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 233