EERI Research Paper Series, Economics and Econometrics Research Institute (EERI)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013 Trial experience, satisfaction and incentive to bring another lawsuit: Does aspiration level influence winners and losers?Yamamura, Eiji
2013 Bank Competition and Export DiversificationNakhoda, Aadil
2013 Uncertainty, flexible labour relations and R&D expenditureCintio, Marco Di; Grassi, Emanuele
2013 Macroeconomic Dynamics in Four Selected New Member States of the EUForesti, Pasquale; Marani, Ugo; Piroli, Giuseppe
2013 The Dynamic Effect of Oil Rent on Industrial Value Added: a SVAR ApproachIssaoui, Fakhri; Boufateh, Talel; Montasser, Ghassen El
2013 The Seasonal KPSS Test When Neglecting Seasonal Dummies: A Monte Carlo analysisMontasser, Ghassen El; Boufateh, Talel; Issaoui, Fakhri
2013 A Note on Information Flows and Identification of News Shocks ModelsSorge, Marco M.
2013 Human capital, creative class and regional economic performance: A dynamic panel analysisAlehegn, Esubalew; Sacchetti, Silvia; Tortia, Ermanno
2012 Economic insecurity and fertility intentions: the case of ItalyModena, Francesca; Rondinelli, Concetta; Sabatini, Fabio
2012 Effects of siblings and birth order on income redistribution preferences: Evidence based on Japanese General Social SurveyYamamura, Eiji
2012 Public Capital in the Private Sector of Italian EconomyRoxas, Salvatore Amico; Cristofaro, Antonio; Piroli, Giuseppe
2012 Macroeconomic implications of the dynamics between power and trust: a theoretical formalisation of the ‘slippery slope’ frameworkLisi, Gaetano
2012 Precautionary Savings of Agents with Heterogeneous Risk AversionLimosani, Michele; Millemaci, Emanuele
2012 The relationship between central bank transparency and the quality of inflation forecasts: is it U-shaped?Trabelsi, Emna
2012 Can the Mortensen-Pissarides Model Match the Housing Market Facts?Lisi, Gaetano
2012 A Matching Model of Endogenous Growth and Underground FirmsLisi, Gaetano; Pugno, Maurizio
2012 Participation and Contract Choice in the Tenancy MarketAhmed, Sharmina; Findlay, Christopher
2012 Government transparency and expenditure in the rent-seeking industry: The case of Japan for 1998–2004Yamamura, Eiji; Kondoh, Haruo
2012 Portfolio Selection – A Technical NoteMartins, Ana Paula
2012 Do cooperative enterprises create social trust?Sabatini, Fabio; Modena, Francesca; Tortia, Ermanno
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 205