EERI Research Paper Series, Economics and Econometrics Research Institute (EERI)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Cournot Oligopoly, Homogeneous Products and Grappa Market: An Econometric StudyOnofri, Laura; Boatto, Vasco
2015 Influence of age of child on differences in life satisfaction of males and femalesYamamura, Eiji; Andrés, Antonio R.
2015 The Effect of the Proportionality Degree of Electoral Systems on CorruptionAlfano, Maria Rosaria; Baraldi, Anna Laura; Papagni, Erasmo
2015 Online social networks and trustSabatini, Fabio; Sarracino, Francesco
2015 Income Distribution in Network MarketsBenassi, Corrado; Scrimitore, Marcella
2015 Comparison of Social Trust’s Effect on Suicide Ideation between Urban and Non-urban Areas: The Case of Japanese Adults in 2006Yamamura, Eiji
2014 Inter-firm R&D cooperation in local innovation networks: The case of Italian technological districtsArdovino, Otello; Pennacchio, Luca
2014 From a rise in B to a fall in C? Environmental impact of biofuelsPiroli, Giuseppe; Rajcaniova, Miroslava; Ciaian, Pavel; Kancs, d'Artis
2014 Online networks and subjective well-beingSabatini, Fabio; Sarracino, Francesco
2014 The Impact of the 2013 CAP Reform on Land CapitalizationCiaian, Pavel; Kancs, d'Artis; Swinnen, Johan
2014 Voluntary work and wagesBruno, Bruna; Fiorillo, Damiano
2014 Direct and indirect effects of R&D cooperation on the innovation of Italian firmsArdovino, Otello; Pennacchio, Luca; Piroli, Giuseppe
2014 The Effect of the Decentralization Degree on Corruption: A New InterpretationAlfano, Maria Rosaria; Baraldi, Anna Laura; Cantabene, Claudia
2014 Electoral Systems and Economic Growth: What is the Importance of the Proportionality Degree?Alfano, M. Rosaria; Baraldi, A. Laura
2014 Will Facebook save or destroy social capital? An empirical investigation into the effect of online interactions on trust and networksSabatini, Fabio; Sarracino, Francesco
2014 The Economics of BitCoin Price FormationCiaian, Pavel; Rajcaniova, Miroslava; Kancs, d'Artis
2013 Public sector corruption and the probability of technological disastersYamamura, Eiji
2013 The Dynamic Effect of Oil Rent on Industrial Value Added: a SVAR ApproachIssaoui, Fakhri; Boufateh, Talel; Montasser, Ghassen El
2013 Nonlinear Phenomena in a Growing Economy with Convex Adjustment Costsde Mendonça, Pedro
2013 Human capital, creative class and regional economic performance: A dynamic panel analysisAlehegn, Esubalew; Sacchetti, Silvia; Tortia, Ermanno
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 205