International Journal for Research in Vocational Education and Training (IJRVET), European Educational Research Association

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2019 Dropout prevention in Secondary VET from different learning spaces: A social discussion experienceSalvà, Francesca; Pinya, Carme; Álvarez, Nuria; Calvo, Aina
2019 Large scale studies of holistic professional competence in vocational education and training (VET): The case of NorwayLahn, Leif Christian; Nore, Hæge
2019 Analysing training needs of TVET teachers in South Africa: An empirical studyZinn, Bernd; Raisch, Kevin; Reimann, Jennifer
2019 Training marketing by German companies: Which training place characteristics are communicated?Ebbinghaus, Margit
2019 Exploring visual languages across vocational professionsCoppi, Alessia Eletta; Cattaneo, Alberto; Gurtner, Jean-Luc
2019 What students who perform in "secondary roles" can learn from scenario training in vocational educationSjöberg, David; Karp, Staffan; Rantatalo, Oscar
2019 Attracting women into male-dominated trades: Views of young women in AustraliaStruthers, Karen; Strachan, Glenda
2019 Transition to company-based vocational training in Germany by young people from a migrant background: The influence of region of origin and generation statusBeicht, Ursula; Walden, Günter
2019 Job satisfaction, work engagement, and turnover intention of CTE health science teachersPark, Kathleen A.; Johnson, Karen R.
2019 Cross-country comparison of engagement in apprenticeships: A conceptual analysis of incentives for individuals and firmsChankseliani, Maia; Anuar, Aizuddin Mohamed
2019 The function and institutional embeddedness of Polytechnics in the Indian education systemSchneider, Sebastian; Pilz, Matthias
2019 Skills and employment under automation: Active adaptation at the local levelUre, Odd Bjørn; Skauge, Tom
2019 Identifying teachers' competencies in Finnish vocational educationTapani, Annukka; Salonen, Arto O.
2018 The prediction of professional success in apprenticeship: The role of cognitive and non-cognitive abilities, of interests and personalityDiedrich, Jennifer; Neubauer, Aljoscha C.; Ortner, Anna
2018 Factors influencing the value of CPD activities among VET teachersAndersson, Per; Hellgren, Mattias; Köpsén, Susanne
2018 Decision-making processes among potential dropouts in vocational education and training and adult learningAarkrog, Vibe; Wahlgren, Bjarne; Larsen, Christian Hougaard; Mariager-Anderson, Kristina; Gottlieb, Susanne
2018 Critical practice study of nursing evaluated by teachersShearer, Jessica; Lasonen, Johanna
2018 Vocational teaching-learning through the eyes of undergraduate vocational students in Malta: A qualitative exploratory studySaid, Alison
2018 Who is going to build the wall? A building trades crisis in the U.S.A.Toppin, Ian
2018 The state-of-the-art of collaborative technologies for initial vocational education: A systematic literature reviewSchwendimann, Beat A.; De Wever, Bram; Hämäläinen, Raija; Cattaneo, Alberto A. P.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 86
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