International Journal for Research in Vocational Education and Training (IJRVET), European Educational Research Association

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2019 Dropout prevention in Secondary VET from different learning spaces: A social discussion experienceSalvà, Francesca; Pinya, Carme; Álvarez, Nuria; Calvo, Aina
2019 Job satisfaction, work engagement, and turnover intention of CTE health science teachersPark, Kathleen A.; Johnson, Karen R.
2019 Training marketing by German companies: Which training place characteristics are communicated?Ebbinghaus, Margit
2019 Transition to company-based vocational training in Germany by young people from a migrant background: The influence of region of origin and generation statusBeicht, Ursula; Walden, Günter
2019 Identifying teachers' competencies in Finnish vocational educationTapani, Annukka; Salonen, Arto O.
2019 Cross-country comparison of engagement in apprenticeships: A conceptual analysis of incentives for individuals and firmsChankseliani, Maia; Anuar, Aizuddin Mohamed
2019 Attracting women into male-dominated trades: Views of young women in AustraliaStruthers, Karen; Strachan, Glenda
2019 Exploring visual languages across vocational professionsCoppi, Alessia Eletta; Cattaneo, Alberto; Gurtner, Jean-Luc
2019 What students who perform in "secondary roles" can learn from scenario training in vocational educationSjöberg, David; Karp, Staffan; Rantatalo, Oscar
2018 Higher education in Switzerland: Predictors of becoming engaged in higher vocational or higher academic education - the role of workplace factorsNägele, Christof; Neuenschwander, Markus P.; Rodcharoen, Patsawee
2018 The prediction of professional success in apprenticeship: The role of cognitive and non-cognitive abilities, of interests and personalityDiedrich, Jennifer; Neubauer, Aljoscha C.; Ortner, Anna
2018 Factors influencing the value of CPD activities among VET teachersAndersson, Per; Hellgren, Mattias; Köpsén, Susanne
2018 Decision-making processes among potential dropouts in vocational education and training and adult learningAarkrog, Vibe; Wahlgren, Bjarne; Larsen, Christian Hougaard; Mariager-Anderson, Kristina; Gottlieb, Susanne
2018 Critical practice study of nursing evaluated by teachersShearer, Jessica; Lasonen, Johanna
2018 "The force that keeps you going": Enthusiasm in vocational education and training (VET) teachers' workWenström, Sanna; Uusiautti, Satu; Määttä, Kaarina
2018 Staying in the loop: Formal feedback mechanisms connecting vocational training to the world of work in EuropeMarkowitsch, Jörg; Hefler, Günter
2018 Social dimensions and participation in vocational education and training: An introduction in the special issueKaiser, Franz Xaver; Krugmann, Susann
2018 Crossing boundaries: VET, the labour market and social justiceAvis, James
2018 Theme centered interaction in critical vocational teacher education: An introduction into an ethical founded method and model to strengthen self-reflexive autonomy and socially responsible actionKaiser, Franz Xaver
2018 The experiences of learners with disabilities in mainstream vocational training in NepalAdhikari, Eka Raj
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 102
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