SFB 649 Discussion Papers, Sonderforschungsbereich 649: Ökonomisches Risiko, Humboldt-Universität Berlin

ISSN: 1860-5664

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 How to measure a performance of a Collaborative Research CentreZharova, Alona; Tellinger-Rice, Janine; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2017 Tail event driven networks of SIFIsChen, Cathy Yi-Hsuan; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Okhrin, Yarema
2017 Industry Interdependency Dynamics in a Network ContextQian, Ya; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Chen, Cathy Yi-Hsuan
2017 Investing with cryptocurrencies - A liquidity constrained investment approachTrimborn, Simon; Li, Mingyang; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2017 Pricing Green Financial ProductsMelzer, Awdesch; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; López Cabrera, Brenda
2017 Data Science & Digital SocietyChen, Cathy Yi-Hsuan; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2017 The impact of news on US household inflation expectationsChao, Shih-Kang; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Sheen, Jeffrey R.; Trück, Stefan; Wang, Ben Zhe
2017 Dynamic valuation of weather derivatives under default riskHärdle, Wolfgang Karl; Osipenko, Maria
2017 Penalized adaptive method in forecasting with large information set and structure changeLi, Xinjue; Zbonakova, Lenka; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2017 Smooth principal component analysis for high dimensional dataLi, Yingxing; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Huang, Chen
2017 The Economics of German Unification after Twenty-five Years: Lessons for KoreaBurda, Michael C.; Weder, Mark
2017 Das deutsche Arbeitsmarktwunder: Eine BilanzBurda, Michael C.; Seele, Stefanie
2017 The systemic risk of central SIFIsChen, Cathy Yi-Hsuan; Nasekin, Sergey
2017 (Un)expected Monetary Policy Shocks and Term PremiaKliem, Martin; Meyer-Gohde, Alexander
2017 Conditional moment restrictions and the role of density information in estimated structural modelsTryphonides, Andreas
2017 Generalized Entropy and Model UncertaintyMeyer-Gohde, Alexander
2017 Social Security Contributions and the Business CycleAlmosova, Anna; Burda, Michael C.; Voigts, Simon
2017 Racial/Ethnic Differences In Non-Work At WorkHamermesh, Daniel S.; Genadek, Katie R.; Burda, Michael C.
2017 RiskAnalytics: An R package for real time processing of Nasdaq and Yahoo finance data and parallelized quantile lasso regression methodsBorke, Lukas
2017 Testing missing at random using instrumental variablesBreunig, Christoph
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 835
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