SFB 649 Discussion Papers, Sonderforschungsbereich 649: Ökonomisches Risiko, Humboldt-Universität Berlin

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2017 RiskAnalytics: An R package for real time processing of Nasdaq and Yahoo finance data and parallelized quantile lasso regression methodsBorke, Lukas
2017 Fake alphaMüller, Marcel; Rosenberger, Tobias; Uhrig-Homburg, Marliese
2017 Testing missing at random using instrumental variablesBreunig, Christoph
2017 Estimating location values of agricultural landHelbing, Georg; Shen, Zhiwei; Odening, Martin; Ritter, Matthias
2017 Dynamic valuation of weather derivatives under default riskHärdle, Wolfgang; Osipenko, Maria
2017 Is scientific performance a function of funds?Zharova, Alona; Härdle, Wolfgang K.; Lessmann, Stefan
2017 Realized volatility of CO2 futuresBenschop, Thijs; López Cabrera, Brenda
2017 Dynamic semiparametric factor model with a common breakChen, Likai; Wang, Weining; Wu, Wei Biao
2017 Dynamic semi-parametric factor model for functional expectilesBurdejová, Petra; Härdle, Wolfgang K.
2016 Blooming landscapes in the West? German reunification and the price of land.Schoettler, Raphael; Wolf, Nikolaus
2016 Functional principal component analysis for derivatives of multivariate curvesGrith, Maria; Härdle, Wolfgang; Kneip, Alois; Wagner, Heiko
2016 Central bank reputation, cheap talk and transparency as substitutes for commitment: Experimental evidenceDuffy, John Michael; Heinemann, Frank
2016 Labor market frictions and monetary policy designAlmosova, Anna
2016 Unraveling of cooperation in dynamic collaborationVasama, Suvi
2016 Dynamic topic modelling for cryptocurrency community forumsLinton, Marco; Teo, Ernie Gin Swee; Bommes, Elisabeth; Chen, Cathy Yi-Hsuan; Härdle, Wolfgang
2016 Beta-boosted ensemble for big credit scoring dataZieba, Maciej; Härdle, Wolfgang
2016 Q3-D3-LSABorke, Lukas; Härdle, Wolfgang
2016 Network quantile autoregressionZhu, Xuening; Wang, Weining; Wang, Hangsheng; Härdle, Wolfgang
2016 A first econometric analysis of the CRIX familyChen, Shi; Chen, Cathy Yi-Hsuan; Härdle, Wolfgang; Lee, TM; Ong, Bobby
2016 Can a bonus overcome moral hazard? An experiment on voluntary payments, competition, and reputation in markets for expert servicesAngelova, Vera; Regner, Tobias
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 835
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