Working Paper Series, Abteilung Volkswirtschaftslehre, Universität Mannheim

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Linear voting rulesGrüner, Hans Peter; Tröger, Thomas
2018 Assigning an unpleasant task without paymentGoldlücke, Susanne; Tröger, Thomas
2018 The real exchange rate, innovation and productivity: Regional heterogeneity, asymmetries and hysteresisAlfaro, Laura; Cuñat, Alejandro; Fadinger, Harald; Liu, Yanping
2018 On the distribution of wealth and employmentYum, Minchul
2018 Capital adjustment costs: Implications for domestic and export sales dynamicsLiu, Yanping
2017 Bootstrapping INAR modelsJentsch, Carsten; Weiß, Christian H.
2017 The effect of horizontal mergers, when firms compete in prices and investmentsMotta, Massimo; Tarantino, Emanuele
2017 The real exchange rate, innovation and productivityAlfaro, Laura; Cunat, Alejandro; Fadinger, Harald; Liu, Yanping
2017 Platform competition: Who benefits from multihoming?Belleflamme, Paul; Peitz, Martin
2017 Segmentation versus agglomeration: Competition between platforms with competitive sellersKarle, Heiko; Peitz, Martin; Reisinger, Markus
2016 Quantifizierung der gesamtwirtschaftlichen und fiskalischen Effekte ausgewählter Infrastruktur- und Bildungsinvestitionen in DeutschlandKrebs, Tom; Scheffel, Martin
2016 Empirical characteristic functions-based estimation and distance correlation for locally stationary processesJentsch, Carsten; Leucht, Anne; Meyer, Marco; Beering, Carina
2016 The political economy of immigration and population ageingDotti, Valerio
2016 You are judged by the company you keep: Reputation leverage in vertically related marketsChoi, Jay Pil; Peitz, Martin
2016 Quantifizierung der gesamtwirtschaftlichen Effekte ausgewählter Reformvorschläge der Studie "Reforms, Investment and Growth: An Agenda for France, Germany and Europe"Krebs, Tom; Scheffel, Martin
2016 A first test of focusing theoryDertwinkel-Kalt, Markus; Riener, Gerhard
2016 Parental time investment and intergenerational mobilityYum, Minchul
2016 Platforms and network effectsBelleflamme, Paul; Peitz, Martin
2016 Structural Reform in GermanyKrebs, Tom; Scheffel, Martin
2016 De-Targeting: Advertising an Assortment of Products to Loss-Averse ConsumersKarle, Heiko; Peitz, Martin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 107