Working Paper Series, Abteilung Volkswirtschaftslehre, Universität Mannheim

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Parental time investment and intergenerational mobilityYum, Minchul
2016 Structural Reform in GermanyKrebs, Tom; Scheffel, Martin
2016 Quantifizierung der gesamtwirtschaftlichen Effekte ausgewählter Reformvorschläge der Studie "Reforms, Investment and Growth: An Agenda for France, Germany and Europe"Krebs, Tom; Scheffel, Martin
2016 Net Neutrality: A Fast Lane to Understanding the Trade-offsGreenstein, Shane; Peitz, Martin; Valletti, Tommaso
2016 Nonparametric Instrumental Variable Methods for Dynamic Treatment Evaluationvan den Berg, Gerard J.; Bonev, Petyo; Mammen, Enno
2015 Media see-saws: Winners and losers on media platformsAnderson, Simon P.; Peitz, Martin
2015 Distributional Consequences of Asset Price Inflation in the Euro AreaAdam, Klaus; Tzamourani, Panagiota
2015 Income differences and input-output structureFadinger, Harald; Ghiglino, Christian; Teteryatnikova, Mariya
2015 Structural transformation, marketization, and household production around the worldBridgman, Benjamin; Dürnecker, Georg; Herrendorf, Berthold
2015 Offshoring and skill-upgrading in French manufacturing: A Heckscher-Ohlin-Melitz viewCarluccio, Juan; Cun͂at, Alejandro; Fadinger, Harald; Fons-Rosen, Christian
2015 Strategic design under uncertain evaluations: Structural analysis of design-build auctionsTakahashi, Hidenori
2015 Lying, Spying, Sabotaging: Procedures and ConsequencesChlaß, Nadine; Riener, Gerhard
2015 Designing efficient college and tax policiesFindeisen, Sebastian; Sachs, Dominik
2015 Can a financial transaction tax prevent stock price booms?Adam, Klaus; Marcet, Albert; Merkel, Sebastian; Beutel, Johannes
2015 Net neutrality and inflation of trafficPeitz, Martin; Schuett, Florian
2015 Forecasting VARs, model selection, and shrinkageKascha, Christian; Trenkler, Carsten
2015 Baxter's inequality and sieve bootstrap for random fieldsMeyer, Marco; Jentsch, Carsten; Kreiss, Jens-Peter
2015 On the identification of multivariate correlated unobserved components modelsTrenkler, Carsten; Weber, Enzo
2015 Ex-post optimal knapsack procurementJarman, Felix; Meisner, Vincent
2015 When and how the punishment must fit the crimeMailath, George J.; Nocke, Volker; White, Lucy
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 107