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Krcal, Hans-Christian
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Discussion Paper Series, University of Heidelberg, Department of Economics 542
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The overall ‘social system-perspective on firms and organizations points out the role of ‘communication’ as the decisive construction tool for a social system. However, this point of view in the tradition of Niklas Luhmann, neglects the concrete transfer of systemic principles into the context of daily organisational operations. The paper offers an methodological interpretation of systemic principles for firms and organisations to close the gap between the general knowledge of social system and the managerial consequences on communication fields. The achievement in the spirit of social system awareness is based on three steps: first, paraphrasing the principles, second, sensitising the observer to the interconnectedness of principles, third, thinking managerial action on the communication field through.
social system
systemic principles
managerial communication tasks
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Working Paper

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