AWI Discussion Paper Series, Alfred-Weber-Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Universität Heidelberg

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Point beauty contest: Measuring the distribution of focal points on the individual levelSchmidt, Robert J.
2019 Legislative bargaining with joint production: An experimental studyMerkel, Anna; Vanberg, Christoph
2019 Capitalizing on the (false) consensus effect: Two tractable methods to elicit private informationSchmidt, Robert J.
2019 What are the best quorum rules? A laboratory investigationAguiar-Conraria, Luís; Magalhães, Pedro C.; Vanberg, Christoph
2019 Do injunctive or descriptive social norms elicited using coordination games better explain social preferences?Schmidt, Robert J.
2019 Savage vs. Anscombe-Aumann: An experimental investigation of ambiguity frameworksOechssler, Jörg; Roomets, Alex
2019 The interplay between oil and food commodity prices: Has it changed over time?Peersman, Gert; Rüth, Sebastian; Van der Veken, Wouter
2019 Norms in the lab: Inexperienced versus experienced participantsSchmidt, Robert J.; Schwieren, Christiane; Sproten, Alec N.
2019 Identifying the ranking of focal points in coordination games on the individual levelSchmidt, Robert J.
2019 The binary lottery procedure does not induce risk neutrality in the Holt-Laury and Eckel-Grossman tasksOechssler, Jörg; Sofianos, Andis
2019 A short note on the rationality of the false consensus effectVanberg, Christoph
2019 Conceptual and political foundations for examining the interaction between nature and economyFaber, Malte; Frick, Marc
2019 Implementing (un)fair procedures? Favoritism and process fairness when inequality is inevitableSchmidt, Robert J.; Trautmann, Stefan T.
2019 Quantifying subjective uncertainty in survey expectationsKrüger, Fabian; Pavlova, Lora
2018 The demand for health insurance in a poor economy: Evidence from Burkina FasoSchleicher, Michael; Klonner, Stefan; Sauerborn, Rainer; Sié, Alie; Souares-Coutant, Aurélia
2018 Is fairness intuitive? An experiment accounting for subjective utility differences under time pressureMerkel, Anna; Lohse, Johannes
2018 Inequality, fairness and social capitalFehr, Dietmar; Rau, Hannes; Trautmann, Stefan T.; Xu, Yilong
2018 Copy tradingApesteguia, Jose; Oechssler, Jörg; Weidenholzer, Simon
2018 Stimulant or depressant? Resource-related income shocks and conflictGehring, Kai; Langlotz, Sarah; Kienberger, Stefan
2018 Aid and conflict at the subnational level: Evidence from World Bank and Chinese development projects in AfricaGehring, Kai S.; Wong, Melvin H. L.; Kaplan, Lennart
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 285