AWI Discussion Paper Series, Alfred-Weber-Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Universität Heidelberg

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 How to design the ask? Funding units vs. giving moneyDiederich, Johannes; Epperson, Raphael; Goeschl, Timo
2021 Competitive vs. random audit mechanisms in environmental regulation: Emissions, self-reporting, and the role of peer informationGoeschl, Timo; Oestreich, Marcel; Soldà, Alice
2021 Die Online-Plattform MINE - eine Brücke zwischen Umwelt und WirtschaftFaber, Malte; Frick, Marc; Manstetten, Reiner
2021 Free trade agreements and development: A global analysis with local dataCruzatti, John
2021 Does mining fuel bubbles? An experimental study on cryptocurrency marketsLambrecht, Marco; Sofianos, Andis; Xu, Yilong
2021 Absolute vs. relative success: Why overconfidence is an inefficient equilibriumSoldà, Alice; Ke, Changxia; von Hippel, William; Page, Lionel
2020 Promises and opportunity costSengupta, Arjun; Vanberg, Christoph
2020 The general equilibrium effects of the shale revolutionEife, Thomas A.
2020 Misperceiving economic success: Experimental evidence on meritocratic beliefs and inequality acceptanceFehr, Dietmar; Vollmann, Martin
2020 Unraveling the effects of tropical cyclones on economic sectors worldwide: Direct and indirect impactsKunze, Sven
2020 Equality of the sexes and gender differences in competition: Evidence from three traditional societiesKlonner, Stefan; Pal, Sumantra; Schwieren, Christiane
2020 How do income and the debt position of households propagate public into private spending?Rüth, Sebastian; Simon, Camilla
2020 The value of verbal feedback in allocation decisionsSchmidt, Robert J.; Schwieren, Christiane; Vollmann, Martin
2020 Fiscal stimulus in expectations-driven liquidity trapsLustenhouwer, Joep
2020 Decision-making with partial informationEichberger, Jürgen; Pasichnichenko, Illia
2020 A test of information aversionKops, Jan Christopher; Pasichnichenko, Illia
2020 The role of stickiness, extrapolation and past consensus forecasts in macroeconomic expectationsHagenhoff, Tim; Lustenhouwer, Joep
2020 Maternal cash for better child health? The impacts of India's IGMSY/PMMVY maternity benefit schemevon Haaren, Paula; Klonner, Stefan
2020 Measuring skill and chance in different versions of PokerLambrecht, Marco
2020 Dynamic properties of poverty targetingHillebrecht, Michael; Klonner, Stefan; Pacere, Noraogo A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 316