AWI Discussion Paper Series, Alfred-Weber-Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Universität Heidelberg

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Fueling Conflict? (De)Escalation and Bilateral AidBluhm, Richard; Gassebner, Martin; Langlotz, Sarah; Schaudt, Paul
2016 The Economics of the Democratic Deficit: The Effect of IMF Programs on InequalityLang, Valentin
2016 Forecast Performance, Disagreement, and Heterogeneous Signal-to-Noise RatiosDovern, Jonas; Hartmann, Matthias
2016 Apples and Dragon Fruits: The Determinants of Aid and Other Forms of State Financing from China to AfricaDreher, Axel; Fuchs, Andreas; Parks, Bradley; Strange, Austin M.; Tierney, Michael J.
2016 Hedging and AmbiguityOechssler, Jörg; Rau, Hannes; Roomets, Alex
2016 On the statistical properties of multiplicative GARCH modelsConrad, Christian; Kleen, Onno
2016 Inflation uncertainty, disagreement and monetary policy: Evidence from the ECB Survey of Professional ForecastersGlas, Alexander; Hartmann, Matthias
2016 Preference diversity orderingsKarpov, Alexander
2016 Order Invariant Evaluation of Multivariate Density ForecastsDovern, Jonas; Manner, Hans
2016 Interregionale Effekte des Wirtschaftswachstums in der Ukraine und PolenLevoshko, Tamila
2016 Agrarian Contracts in Retrospect: Two Bihari Villages in 1970Bell, Clive
2016 Wie beeinflussen die politische Lage und FDI das Wirtschaftswachstum? Empirische Evidenz für die Ukraine und PolenLevoshko, Tamila
2016 Strategic behavior of non-expected utility players in games with payoff uncertaintyKauffeldt, Florian
2016 China’s Economic Diplomacy and the Politics-Trade NexusFuchs, Andreas
2016 Imitation in Heterogeneous PopulationsHedlund, Jonas; Oyarzun, Carlos
2016 Cooperation in Public Good Games. Calculated or Confused?Goeschl, Timo; Lohse, Johannes
2016 Is fairness intuitive? An experiment accounting for the role of subjective utility differences under time pressureMerkel, Anna; Lohse, Johannes
2016 Party Discipline and Government Spending: Theory and EvidenceCurto-Grau, Marta; Zudenkova, Galina
2016 How Do Firms Respond to Political Tensions? The Heterogeneity of the Dalai Lama Effect on TradeLin, Faqin; Hu, Cui; Fuchs, Andreas
2016 Precision requirements in pesticide risk assessments: Contrasting value-of-information recommendations with the regulatory practice in the EUGoeschl, Timo; Heyen, Daniel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 259