ERSA 2010 - 50th Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Jönköping, 2010

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2010 Local and regional knowledge sources of industrial clusters - methodical aspects in a multidimensional framework for cluster identificationTitze, Mirko; Brachert, Matthias; Kubis, Alexander
2010 "Universities, Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Development'Bazzazian, Navid; Åstebro, Thomas
2010 Inequalities in Access to Employment and the Impact on Wellbeing: A Criterion for Spatial Planning?Osland, Liv; Gibb, Kenneth; Pryce, Gwilym
2010 On the appropriate use of (input-output) coefficients to generate non-survey regional input-output tables: Implications for the determination of output multipliersLindberg, Gunnar
2010 The impact of pecuniary costs on commuting flowsMcArthur, David; Kleppe, Gisle; Thorsen, Inge; Uboe, Jan
2010 Vacation Behaviour: Frequency, Destination Choice and Expenditure Level.Loon, Ruben Van; Rouwendal, Jan; Rietveld, Piet
2010 Regional Innovation Performances of Firms in PortugalGalindo, Purificación; Vaz, Teresa Noronha; Nijkamp, Peter
2010 European Performances regarding Flexicurity. The Case of the New Member StatesIordan, Marioara; Albu, Lucian Liviu; Chilian, Mihaela Nona
2010 Spatial and socio-economic characteristics of official labour migration from neighbouring countries to HungaryJakobi, Akos
2010 What explains the presence of High-growth firms in industries?Johansson, Dan; Daunfeldt, Sven-Olov
2010 Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth in Spanish and Portuguese RegionsVázquez, Emilia; Gomes, Sofia; Vieira, Elvira
2010 Is the commercialisation of European academic R&D weak? - A critical assessment of a 'dominant belief' and associated policy responsesJacobsson, Staffan; Dahlstrand, Åsa Lindholm; Elg, Lennart
2010 The impact of agro-food industry on employment and population changes: The case of Denmark and France'Abildtrup, Jens; Piguet, Virginie; Schmitt, Bertrand
2010 The Gendered Aspects of the Strong Region Discourse in a Weak Region - New Subject Positions for Non-Traditional Actors or Business as Usual?Hudson, Christine
2010 Combined passenger/goods urban transport solutions and public transport operators: which challenges? Some scenarios for Milan through an international comparisonTrentini, Anna; Alessio, Campi; Flavio, Boscacci; Nicolas, Malhene
2010 New business formation and regional growth across regions with distinct initial industry structuresWyrwich, Michael
2010 The creation of Institutions of Adaptable Governance to solve the water crisis. The case of Guanajuato MexicoSuarez, Susana; Ortega, Alex Ricardo Caldera
2010 Homeownership and CommutesRouwendal, Jan; Nijkamp, Peter
2010 Conceptualizing Social Capital in the Context of Housing and Neighbourhood ManagementLang, Richard; Roessl, Dietmar
2010 Is economic growth in cities crowding out freight handling and transport?Jean-Hansen, Viggo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 519