20th ITS Biennial Conference, Rio de Janeiro 2014


This collection contains the conference papers from the

20th ITS Biennial Conference
Rio de Janeiro, 30 November - 03 December 2014

"The Net and the Internet - Emerging Markets and Policies"

Over the past three decades, telecommunications markets have undergone substantial changes due to phenomena such as the emergence of mobile telephony and its gradual convergence with fixed; but also the convergence with media and IT markets and the ongoing transition towards IP-based Internet platforms powered by broadband communications. As a result, the boundaries between these previously separated markets have blurred to such an extent that today, players originating in different economic sectors compete for the same customers along a single, integrated value chain: incumbent telcos compete with nomadic players, such as Skype or Google, and with emerging cloud providers; at the same time, application providers are eroding the revenues of upstream players such as broadcasters and content owners.

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 Competition and market strategies in the Swiss fixed telephony marketBalmer, Roberto E.
2014 The Brazilian Approach to Internet Intermediary Liability: Blueprint for a Global Regime?Zingales, Nicolo
2014 Analysing standardisation processes as technology trajectories in the mobile ecosystem: Implications for competition and innovationHallingby, Hanne Kristine
2014 Navigating the everyone-to-everyone economyvan den Dam, Rob
2014 Game-theoretical models of the competitive dynamics in optical network service provisionWaldman, Helio; Bortoletto, Rodrigo Campos
2014 A socio-technical framework for Internet-of-Things designShin, Dong-Hee; Yoon, Hongseok; Lee, Jaegil; Moon, Yohan; Kim, Namchul; Cho, Hoyeon
2014 Separation anxieties: Structural separation and technological diffusion in nascent fibre networksHowell, Bronwyn
2014 Regulation of Latin American's Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Sector: An empirical analysisAlleman, James; Rappoport, Paul
2014 Competition and consumer protection in the cyberspace marketplaceKlein, Joseph A.; Rao, P. M.
2014 The impact of local loop and retail unbundlingKlein, Gordon J.; Wendel, Julia
2014 The impact of ICTs on the informal economyGarcia-Murillo, Martha; Velez-Ospina, Jorge Andres
2014 Provision of universal broadband service in Japan: A policy challenge toward a sustainable ICT infrastructureMitomo, Hitoshi
2014 User centric cloud service model in public sectors: Policy implications of cloud servicesShin, Dong-Hee; Yoon, Hongseok; Lee, Jaegil; Moon, Yohan; Kim, Namchul; Cho, Hoyeon
2014 The next reformation: The corporation in the age of AmazonMelus, Gregory
2014 Where is the limit of big data? A case study of journalism practices pertaining to datasets of e-Government in TaiwanLin, Chao Chen
2014 Investigating mobile broadband adoption and usage: S case of smartphone in SwedenKongaut, Chatchai; Bohlin, Erik
2014 Development of a lean margin squeeze testing methodologyJay, Stephan; Neumann, Karl-Heinz
2014 Research on open innovation strategy and its performance in Korea smart media industry: Focusing on user innovation strategyNa, Cheongho; Kim, Eungdo; Hwang, Junseok
2014 Empirical analysis of mobile broadband adoption in major six countries from the view of competition policyShinohara, Sobee; Morikawa, Hiroyuki; Tsuji, Masatsugu
2014 Spectrum scarcity and Canada's urban coreTaylor, Gregory; Middleton, Catherine; Fernando, Xavier
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 70
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