Studies on the Agricultural and Food Sector in Transition Economies, Leibniz-Institut für Agrarentwicklung in Transformationsökonomien (IAMO)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2023The rapid rise of Russia's wheat exports: Price formation, spot-futures relations and volatility effectsHeigermoser, Maximilian
2022Migration, remittances and well-being in KosovoArapi-Gjini, Arjoli
2022Institutional change and agricultural land use in transition countries: Understanding institutional constraints of farmers' decision makingAkhmadiyeva, Zarema
2021Russian market power in international wheat trade and implications for global food securityUhl, Kerstin Marit
2020Spatial market efficiency of grain markets in the post-Soviet countries and implications for global food securitySvanidze, Miranda
2020Markentreue bei Lebensmitteln: Eine Analyse unter Berücksichtigung dynamischer Prozesse am Beispiel von Tiefkühl-Pizza in Deutschland 2000-2008Wettstein, Nadine
2019Oligopsony power in the Kazakh grain supply chainChezhia, Giorgi
2019Analysis of impediments to grain export from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan: Three essaysKulyk, Iryna
2018Market power in the German dairy supply chainGrau, Aaron
2018The brink of poverty: Efficiency and effectiveness of targeted social assistance for poverty reduction in rural ChinaKuhn, Lena
2018A comprehensive analysis of current state and development perspectives of Russian grain sector: Production efficiency and climate change impactBelyaeva, Maria
2017Trade policy impacts on net wheat importers in the CIS: Three essaysBaisakova, Nurzat
2017Labour rationing of different farm types in Kazakhstan: A shadow price analysisVantomme, Katharina
2017Business groups in agriculture. Impact of ownership structures on performance: The case of Russia's agroholdingsMatyukha, Andriy
2017Russian demand for dietary quality: Nutrition transition, diet quality measurement, and health investment theoryBurggraf, Christine
2017Factor productivity in EU agriculture: A microeconometric perspectiveKloss, Mathias
2016Market uncertainty, project specifity and policy effects on bioenergy investments: A real options approachChatalova, Lioudmila
2016Too much but not enough: Issues of water management in Albania in light of climate changeRama, Klodjan
2015Agricultural transition in post-soviet Europe and Central Asia after 25 years: International workshop in honor of Professor Zvi LermanKimhi, Ayai; Lerman, Zvi
2015Milchproduktion zwischen Pfadabhängigkeit und Pfadbrechung: Partizipative Analysen mit Hilfe des agentenbasierten Modells AgriPoliSOstermeyer, Arlette
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 80
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