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2021 Dürfen europäische Gesetze Grundfreiheiten einschränken?Höpner, Martin; Haas, Christine
2021 Proportionality and Karlsruhe's ultra vires verdict: Ways out of constitutional pluralism?Höpner, Martin
2021 Determinants of wage (dis-)satisfaction: Trade exposure, export-led growth, and the irrelevance of bargaining structureBaccaro, Lucio; Neimanns, Erik
2020 Transcending history's heavy hand: The future in economic actionBeckert, Jens; Ergen, Timur
2020 Ownership in the electricity market: Property, the firm, and the climate crisisFerguson-Cradler, Gregory
2020 Who are these bond vigilantes anyway? The political economy of sovereign debt ownership in the eurozoneArbogast, Tobias
2020 Housing and voting in Germany: Multi-level evidence for the association between house prices and housing tenure and party outcomes, 1980-2017Beckmann, Paul; Fulda, Barbara; Kohl, Sebastian
2020 Causal mechanism and explanation in social scienceMayntz, Renate
2020 Is the euro up for grabs? Evidence from a survey experimentBaccaro, Lucio; Bremer, Björn; Neimanns, Erik
2020 Toward a discursive approach to growth models: Social blocs in the politics of digital transformationRothstein, Sidney A.
2020 Has the "external constraint" contributed to Italy's stagnation? A critical event analysisBaccaro, Lucio; D'Antoni, Massimo
2020 Normative social influence on meat consumptionEinhorn, Laura
2020 Not all firms are created equal: SMEs and vocational training in the UK, Italy, and GermanyBenassi, Chiara; Durazzi, Niccolo; Fortwengel, Johann
2020 Scaling up alternatives to capitalism: A social movement approach to alternative organizing (in) the economySchiller-Merkens, Simone
2020 The political economy of industrial policy in the European UnionBulfone, Fabio
2020 From industrial citizenship to private ordering? Contract, status, and the question of consentDukes, Ruth; Streeck, Wolfgang
2020 Wissenschaftler auf Zeit: Die Durchsetzung der Personalpolitik der Befristung in der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft seit den 1970er-JahrenLeendertz, Ariane
2020 Resilience or relocation? Expectations and reality in the city of London since the Brexit referendumKalaitzake, Manolis
2019 Is there a motherhood penalty in academia? The gendered effect of children on academic publicationsLutter, Mark; Schröder, Martin
2019 The German undervaluation regime under Bretton Woods: How Germany became the nightmare of the world economyHöpner, Martin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 366
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