Volkswirtschaftliche Diskussionsbeiträge, Universität Siegen

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 The regional distribution of public employment: Theory and evidenceKessing, Sebastian; Strozzi, Chiara
2015 On the optimal accumulation of renewable energy generating capacityKollenbach, Gilbert
2015 Self-enforcing environmental agreements and trade in fossil energy depositsEichner, Thomas; Pethig, Rüdiger
2015 Buy coal to mitigate climate damage and benefit from strategic deposit actionEichner, Thomas; Pethig, Rüdiger
2015 Buy coal for preservation and act strategically on the fuel marketEichner, Thomas; Pethig, Rüdiger
2014 Research or carbon capture and storage: How to limit climate change?Kollenbach, Gilbert
2014 Unilateral climate policies and green paradoxes: Extraction costs matterKollenbach, Gilbert
2014 A general microsimulation model for the EU VAT with a specic application to GermanySiemers, Lars-H. R.
2014 Self-enforcing international environmental agreements and trade: Taxes versus capsEichner, Thomas; Pethig, Rüdiger
2014 Unilateral climate policy, the Green Paradox, Coalition Size and StabilityKollenbach, Gilbert
2014 Forging a global environmental agreement through trade sanctions on free riders?Eichner, Thomas; Pethig, Rüdiger
2014 Regional investment and individual redistribution in a federationKessing, Sebastian G.; Schneider, Benny
2014 Endogenous growth with a limited fossil fuel extraction capacityKollenbach, Gilbert
2014 Stable and sustainable global tax coordination with Leviathan governmentsEichner, Thomas; Pethig, Rüdiger
2014 Global environmental agreements and international trade: Asymmetry of countries mattersEichner, Thomas; Pethig, Rüdiger
2013 Policy deviations, uncertainty, and the European court of justiceHefeker, Carsten; Neugart, Michael
2013 Trade tariffs and self-enforcing environmental agreementsEichner, Thomas; Pethig, Rüdiger
2013 Self-enforcing environmental agreements and capital mobilityEichner, Thomas; Pethig, Rüdiger
2013 Self-enforcing capital tax coordinationEichner, Thomas; Pethig, Rüdiger
2012 Costs and benefits of immigration and multicultural interactionBonn, Moritz
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 179