ECONtribute Discussion Papers, Reinhard Selten Institute (RSI)

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2021 Roman Transport Network Connectivity and Economic IntegrationFlückiger, Matthias; Hornung, Erik; Larch, Mario; Ludwig, Markus; Mees, Allard W.
2021 Parental Paternalism and PatienceKiessling, Lukas; Chowdhury, Shyamal K.; Schildberg-Hörisch, Hannah; Sutter, Matthias
2021 The Impact of the First Professional Police Forces on CrimeBindler, Anna; Hjalmarsson, Randi
2021 Detecting coverage bias in user-generated contentKerkhof, Anna; Münster, Johannes
2021 Optimal Delegation and Information Transmission under Limited AwarenessAuster, Sarah; Pavoni, Nicola
2021 Market Depth, Leverage, and Speculative BubblesEnders, Zeno; Hakenes, Hendrik
2021 Collective Intertemporal Decisions and Heterogeneity in GroupsGlätzle-Rützler, Daniela; Lergetporer, Philipp; Sutter, Matthias
2021 The Exchange Rate Insulation PuzzleCorsetti, Giancarlo; Kuester, Keith; Müller, Gernot J.; Schmidt, Sebastian
2021 Selective sharing of news items and the political position of news outletsFreitag, Julian; Kerkhof, Anna; Münster, Johannes
2021 Sequential Trading with Coarse ContingenciesAuster, Sarah; Kettering, Jeremy; Kochov, Asen
2021 Social capital: A double-edged swordCole, Harold L.; Krueger, Dirk; Mailath, George J.; Park, Yena
2021 Loss sharing in central clearinghouses: Winners and losersKubitza, Christian; Pelizzon, Loriana; Getmansky, Mila
2021 Monetary policy and racial inequalityBartscher, Alina Kristin; Kuhn, Moritz; Schularick, Moritz; Wachtel, Paul
2021 Efficient institutions and effective deterrence: On timing and uncertainty of formal sanctionsBuckenmaier, Johannes; Dimant, Eugen; Posten, Ann-Christin; Schmidt, Ulrich
2021 The elasticity of taxable income: A meta-regression analysisNeisser, Carina
2021 The "privatization" of municipal debtIvanov, Ivan T.; Zimmermann, Tom
2021 Social norms and elections: How elected rules can make behavior (in)appropriateApffelstaedt, Arno; Freundt, Jana; Oslislo, Christoph
2021 The role of discounting in bargaining with one-sided offersDilmé, Francesc
2021 Competitiveness of entrepreneurs and salaried workersBalafoutas, Loukas; Batsaikhan, Mongolijn; Sutter, Matthias
2021 Gender differences in financial adviceBucher-Koenen, Tabea; Hackethal, Andreas; Koenen, Johannes; Laudenbach, Christine
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 107