ECONtribute Discussion Papers, Reinhard Selten Institute (RSI)

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2022 The augmented bank balance-sheet channel of monetary policyBittner, Christian; Bonfim, Diana; Heider, Florian; Saidi, Farzad; Schepens, Glenn; Soares, Carla
2022 Testing the presence of implicit hiring quotas with application to German universitiesJanys, Lena
2022 Opinions as factsBursztyn, Leonardo; Rao, Aakaash; Roth, Christopher; Yanagizawa-Drott, David
2022 The demand for news: Accuracy concerns versus belief confirmation motivesAnand Chopra, Felix; Haaland, Ingar; Roth, Christopher
2022 Wealth and its distribution in Germany, 1895-2018Albers, Thilo N. H.; Bartels, Charlotte; Schularick, Moritz
2022 Life insurance convexityKubitza, Christian; Grochola, Nicolaus; Gr√ľndl, Helmut
2022 Political activists as free-riders: Evidence from a natural field experimentHager, Anselm; Hensel, Lukas; Hermle, Johannes; Roth, Christopher
2022 Optimal taxation of risky entrepreneurial capitalBoar, Corina; Knowles, Matthew T.
2022 The anatomy of the global saving glutBauluz, Luis; Novokmet, Filip; Schularick, Moritz
2022 Imperfect competition in derivatives marketsBrinkmann, Christina
2022 (Not) everyone can be a winner: The role of payoff interdependence for redistributionSchaube, Sebastian; Strang, Louis Mick
2022 Meta-nudging honesty: Past, present, and future of the research frontierDimant, Eugen; Shalv, Shaul
2022 Wealth of two nations: The U.S. racial wealth gap, 1860-2020Derenoncourt, Ellora; Kim, Chi Hyun; Kuhn, Moritz; Schularick, Moritz
2022 Beliefs about public debt and the demand for government spendingRoth, Christopher; Settele, Sonja; Wohlfahrt, Johannes
2022 Electricity markets in transition: A multi-decade micro-model of entry and exit in advanced wholesale marketsCramton, Peter C.; Bobbio, Emmanuele; Malec, David; Sujarittanonta, Pacharasut
2022 Trust, violence, and cocaRubio, Melissa
2022 Sorting versus screening in decentralized markets with adverse selectionAuster, Sarah; Gottardi, Piero
2022 Risk exposure and acquisition of macroeconomic informationRoth, Christopher; Settele, Sonja; Wohlfahrt, Johannes
2022 Price responsive demand in Britain's electricity marketBobbio, Emmanuele; Brandkamp, Simon; Chan, Stephanie; Cramton, Peter C.; Malec, David; Yu, Lucy
2022 Local flexibility marketCramton, Peter C.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 204