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2022 Alcohol Price Floors and Externalities: The Case of Fatal Road CrashesFrancesconi, Marco; James, Jonathan
2022 Labor Market Institutions, Fiscal Multipliers, and Macroeconomic VolatilityBoeck, Maximilian; Crespo Cuaresma, Jesús; Glocker, Christian
2022 Who Increases Emergency Department Use? New Insights from the Oregon Health Insurance ExperimentDenteh, Augustine; Liebert, Helge
2022 Active Learning Improves Financial Education: Experimental Evidence from UgandaKaiser, Tim; Menkhoff, Lukas
2022 How Money Relates to Value? An Empirical Examination on Gold, Silver and BitcoinAlves, José; Gonçalves, João Quental
2022 Housing Market ExpectationsKuchler, Theresa; Piazzesi, Monika; Stroebel, Johannes
2022 Beyond the Business Climate: Regular and Supplementary Questions in the ifo Business SurveyDemmelhuber, Katrin; Sauer, Stefan; Wohlrabe, Klaus
2022 The (Non-)Neutrality of Value-Added TaxationSchneider, Georg; Stähler, Frank; Thunecke, Georg U.
2022 The Effect of Brexit on British Workers Living in the EUVenâncio, Ana; dos Santos, João Pereira
2022 Explaining Vaccine Hesitancy: A Covid-19 Study of the United StatesGoel, Rajeev K.; Saunoris, James W.
2022 Competition for Promotion Can Induce Household Specialization between Equally Competitive SpousesBastani, Spencer; Dickmanns, Lisa; Giebe, Thomas; Gürtler, Oliver
2022 The Hidden Heterogeneity of Inflation and Interest Rate Expectations: The Role of PreferencesDräger, Lena; Lamla, Michael J.; Pfajfar, Damjan
2022 Rally Post-TerrorismChen, Shuai
2022 Import Competition and Gender Differences in Labor ReallocationMansour, Hani; Medina, Pamela; Velásquez, Andrea
2022 Fiscal Sustainability, Fiscal Reactions, Pitfalls and DeterminantsAfonso, António; Coelho, José Carlos
2022 The Impact of Forced Migration on In-Group and Out-Group Social CapitalHager, Anselm; Valasek, Justin Mattias
2022 Does Public Employment Affect Household Saving Rates? Evidence from Chinese Household DataXu, Can; Steiner, Andreas
2022 Wealth and Its Distribution in Germany, 1895-2018Albers, Thilo N. H.; Bartels, Charlotte; Schularick, Moritz
2022 The Power of Youth: Political Impacts of the "Fridays for Future" MovementFabel, Marc; Flückiger, Matthias; Ludwig, Markus; Rainer, Helmut; Waldinger, Maria; Wichert, Sebastian
2022 Fertility and Family Labor SupplyJakobsen, Katrine Marie; Jørgensen, Thomas H.; Low, Hamish
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 9921
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