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2017 Dream Teams and the Apollo EffectGershkov, Alex; Schweinzer, Paul
2017 Screening through Activation: Differential Effects of a Youth Activation ProgrammeCaroline, Kotakorpi, Kaisa Hall; Liljeberg, Linus; Pirttilä, Jukka
2017 Vertical Licensing, Input Pricing, and EntryBakaouka, Elpiniki; Milliou, Chrysovalantou
2017 Sustainability of an Economy Relying on Two Reproducible AssetsCairns, Robert D.; Del Campo, Stellio; Martinet, Vincent
2017 The Local Power of the IPS Test with Both Initial Conditions and Incidental TrendsLahiri, Kajal; Liang, Zhongwen; Peng, Huaming
2017 Shipping inside the Box: Containerization and TradeCosar, A. Kerem; Pakel, Banu Demir
2017 A Matter of Perspective: How Experience Shapes Preferences for RedistributionCassar, Lea; Klein, Arnd H.
2017 Manipulating Fiscal Forecasts: Evidence from the German StatesKauder, Björn; Potrafke, Niklas; Schinke, Christoph
2017 Curbing Corporate Debt Bias: Do Limitations to Interest Deductibility Work?de Mooij, Ruud A.; Hebous, Shafik
2017 Friends Without Benefits? New EMU Members and the "Euro Effect" on TradeMika, Alina; Zymek, Robert
2017 Inequality, Structure of Production and International Trade - The Role of Credit Market ImperfectionBeladi, Hamid; Marjit, Sugata; Misra, Suryaprakash
2017 Financial Constraints and Nominal Price RigiditiesBalleer, Almut; Hristov, Nikolay; Menno, Dominik
2017 The Matching Process: Search or Mismatch?Gottfries, Nils; Stadin, Karolina
2017 Flexible Prices and LeverageD'Acunto, Francesco; Liu, Ryan; Pflueger, Carolin; Weber, Michael
2017 Explaining Inequality Between Countries: The Declining Role of Political InstitutionsHussey, Andrew J.; Jetter, Michael; McWilliam, Dianne
2017 Love your Leave, Don't Leave your Love! Paid Parental Leave and Children's Living ArrangementsCygan-Rehm, Kamila; Kühnle, Daniel; Riphahn, Regina T.
2017 The Consequences of Academic Match between Students and CollegesDillon, Eleanor Wiske; Smith, Jeffrey Andrew
2017 Oil and Civil Conflict: On and Off (Shore)Andersen, Jørgen Juel; Nordvik, Frode Martin; Tesei, Andrea
2017 Energy Price Reform: A Guide for PolicymakersCoady, David; Parry, Ian; Shang, Baoping
2017 Tax Revenue Losses through Cross-Border Loss Offset: An Insurmountable Hurdle for Formula ApportionmentMardan, Mohammed; Stimmelmayr, Michael
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 6595
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