CESifo Working Papers, CESifo Group Munich

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2020 Caught between Cultures: Unintended Consequences of Improving Opportunity for Immigrant GirlsDahl, Gordon B.; Felfe, Christina; Frijters, Paul; Rainer, Helmut
2020 Substitution across Profit-Shifting Methods and the Impact on Thin Capitalization RulesEggert, Wolfgang; Goerdt, Gideon
2020 International Political Alignment during the Trump Presidency: Voting at the UN General AssemblyMosler, Martin; Potrafke, Niklas
2020 Where Does Multinational Profit Go with Territorial Taxation? Evidence from the UKLangenmayr, Dominika; Liu, Li
2020 Belief Elicitation: Limiting Truth Telling with Information on IncentivesDanz, David; Vesterlund, Lise; Wilson, Alistair J.
2020 How do Taxpayers Respond to Public Disclosure and Social Recognition Programs? Evidence from PakistanSlemrod, Joel; Rehman, Obeid Ur; Waseem, Mazhar
2020 Beliefs about Public Debt and the Demand for Government SpendingRoth, Christopher; Settele, Sonja; Wohlfart, Johannes
2020 Shocks, Frictions, and Inequality in US Business CyclesBayer, Christian; Born, Benjamin; Luetticke, Ralph
2020 Uncovering Gatsby CurvesSt-Amant, Pier-André Bouchard; Garon, Jean-Denis; Marceau, Nicolas
2020 Demography and Provisions for Retirement - The Pension Composition, a Behavioral Approachvan Praag, Bernard M.S.; Hop, J. Peter
2020 Mergers in the Digital EconomyGautier, Axel; Lamesch, Joe
2020 Relative Prices and Climate Policy: How the Scarcity of Non-Market Goods Drives Policy EvaluationDrupp, Moritz A.; Hänsel, Martin C.
2020 Micro Jumps, Macro Humps: Monetary Policy and Business Cycles in an Estimated HANK ModelAuclert, Adrien; Rognlie, Matthew; Straub, Ludwig
2020 The Labor Market Integration of Refugee Migrants in High-Income CountriesBrell, Courtney; Dustmann, Christian; Preston, Ian
2020 Positive Spillovers from Negative CampaigningGalasso, Vincenzo; Nannicini, Tommaso; Nunnari, Salvatore
2020 Real-Time Forecasting Using Mixed-Frequency VARS with Time-Varying ParametersHeinrich, Markus; Reif, Magnus
2020 External Threat, Group Identity, and Support for Common Policies - The Effect of the Russian Invasion in Ukraine on European Union IdentityGehring, Kai
2020 Nonlinear Business Cycle and Optimal Policy: A VSTAR PerspectivePolito, Vito
2020 Endogenous Preferences for Parenting and Macroeconomic OutcomesHashimzade, Nigar
2020 The Effect of Unfair Chances and Gender Discrimination on Labor SupplyGagnon, Nickolas; Bosmans, Kristof; Riedl, Arno
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 8608
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