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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022 Rank-optimal assignments in uniform marketsNikzad, Afshin
2022 Bayesian comparative staticsMekonnen, Teddy; Leal Vizcaíno, René
2022 Choosing what to pay attention toFulton, Chad
2022 Equilibrium securitization with diverse beliefsEllis, Andrew; Piccione, Michele; Zhang, Shengxing
2022 Optimal organ allocation policy under blood-type barriers with the donor-priority ruleKim, Jaehong; Mengling Li
2022 Malthusian stagnation is efficientCórdoba Muñoz, Juan C.; Liu, Xiying
2022 Statistical sunspotsBranch, William A.; McGough, Bruce; Zhu, Mei
2022 Family ties: School assignment with siblingsDur, Umut Mert; Morrill, Thayer; Phan, William
2022 Transparency and collateral: Central versus bilateral clearingAntinolfi, Gaetano; Carapella, Francesca; Carli, Francesco
2022 Equilibrium contracts and boundedly rational expectationsSchumacher, Heiner; Thysen, Heidi Christina
2022 Informed intermediariesOnuchic, Paula
2022 Incomplete-information games in large populations with anonymityHellwig, Martin
2022 Information aggregation in Poisson electionsEkmekci, Mehmet; Lauermann, Stephan
2022 Pseudo-Bayesian updatingZhao, Chen
2021 Random ambiguityLu, Jay
2021 Testable forecastsPomatto, Luciano
2021 Information aggregation in competitive marketsSiga, Lucas; Mihm, Maximilian
2021 Matching with floor constraintsAkin, Sumeyra
2021 Bilateral trade with a benevolent intermediaryEilat, Ran; Pauzner, Ady
2021 A dominant strategy double clock auction with estimation-based tâtonnementLoertscher, Simon; Mezzetti, Claudio
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 467