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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Unemployment and Crime: New Answers to an Old QuestionPapps, Kerry L.; Winkelmann, Rainer
1998 Is Job Stability Declining in Germany? Evidences from Count Data ModelsWinkelmann, Rainer; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
1999 Immigration: The New Zealand ExperienceWinkelmann, Rainer
2000 Dutch Migrants in New Zealand: Did they Fare Well?Hartog, Joop; Winkelmann, Rainer
2000 Immigration Policies and their Impact: The Case of New Zealand and AustraliaWinkelmann, Rainer
2001 Why Do Firms Train? Empirical Evidence on the First Labour Market Outcomes of Graduated ApprenticesEuwals, Rob; Winkelmann, Rainer
2001 Why Do Firms Recruit Internationally?Winkelmann, Rainer
2001 Health Care Reform and the Number of Doctor Visits - An Econometric AnalysisWinkelmann, Rainer
2002 Why do firms recruit internationally? Result from the IZA International Employer Survey 2000Winkelmann, Rainer
2002 Health care reform and the number of doctor visits: An econometric analysisWinkelmann, Rainer
2002 Work and health in Switzerland: Immigrants and nativesWinkelmann, Rainer
2002 Subjektive Daten in der empirischen Wirtschaftsforschung: Probleme und PerspektivenWinkelmann, Rainer
2003 Training intensity and first labor market outcomes of apprenticeship graduatesEuwals, Rob; Winkelmann, Rainer
2003 Co-payments for prescription drugs and the demand for doctor visits: Evidence from a natural experimentWinkelmann, Rainer
2003 Earning differentials between German and French speakers in SwitzerlandCattaneo, Alejandra; Winkelmann, Rainer
2003 Parental separation and well-being of youthsWinkelmann, Rainer
2003 How did the German health care reform of 1997 change the distribution of the demand for health services?Winkelmann, Rainer
2003 Re-evaluating an evaluation study: The case of the German health care reform of 1997Winkelmann, Rainer
2003 Parental Separation and Well-Being of YouthsWinkelmann, Rainer
2004 Subjective well-being and the family: Results from an ordered probit model with multiple random effectsWinkelmann, Rainer